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rpg maker vxace Joseph's Farm

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A puzzle-exploration game with horror elements

Angela the high school girl is having a recurring dream... but what does it mean? 

The answer can only lie in going deeper...



Game status: Completed (with placeholder graphics), possibility for minor mechanical edits. 



(p.s. asdjhagsk I know I tagged this wrong, I can't figure out a way to edit tags if there is a way at all? Sorry. Could I request movement to 'masterpiece theatre'.) 



Testing status: v100 tested by multiple people, major bugs should be removed now. (Bug reports always welcome, though!) 

Length: ~1hr 


Content warnings: religious themes; some blood/death; dark themes (abuse, insanity (although strictly non-explicit)). Some mild-moderate scares. Very mild language. 


Gameplay: Mostly takes place inside a recurring dream, where gameplay revolves around puzzles. The story is hints-based, so exploration is recommended. A complete walkthrough is included for if you get stuck. There are also a couple of chase scenes where reaction time will be your biggest asset.   


Highlights: Original, thematic puzzles + creepiness.











Minor issues/Credits: At present if you backtrack from the swimming pool to the balcony, the stairs will appear not to work anymore. 

Misc credits given in the readme. 


Download: ~*~*http://www.mediafire.com/download/1rl47c7nbsz1dbu/Josephs_Farm101.zip*~*~  (Note the vx ace RTP isn't included)


(VX Ace RTP: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/additional/run-time-packages)




Thank you so much if you consider playing this game! 


- Clovejar

Edited by Clove

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