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FP: Conditional Drops

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FP: Condition Drops

Author: Tsukihime




Need more drops for enemies?

Need to provide drop conditions?



  • Add more drops to an enemy (more than the default 3)
  • Add conditions in order for enemy to possibly drop the item
    -defeated by a specific skill
    -defeated by a specific item
    -defeated by a specific weapon
    -defeated by a specific weapon type
    -defeated when a switch is ON

More to come




Instructions at the top of script.

The basic function is to just provide more drops.

The syntax is


<drop: weapon 2 20>


Where you specify the item kind, item ID, as well as the probability.

Note that the probability is 1 / n, so the example is actually 1/20 chance to receive it.




The real functionality in this script is the ability to specify conditions that must be met before the item is added to the drop pool.


Currently the only conditions available are "skill" and "item", which requires you to defeat the enemy using that skill or item (as the finishing blow) in order to receive the item.


The syntax for these special drops is


<sdrop weapon 2 10 skill 20>


It is similar to the regular drops, except you specify additional conditions that must be met.

In this case, the actor must defeat the enemy with skill #20 in order to get the drop.


Additional conditions will be added as I implement them.




Script: http://db.tt/fO8xZnDM




Feedback for usage would be nice.

Edited by Tsukihime

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Is this just for turn base battles? (front and side views)


I am using a script (http://arcthunder.si...tion-system-iv/) that impliments fighting into the map as objects walking around but still draw information from the enemies in the database. Where your script says to add drops, the other says to add the nature and animations (ect.). Adding these drops gave zero proof of your script even being read with the other enabled.


Now, I know next to nothing about RGSS3 scripting (nothing but small tweaks here :/), but is there a way to make your script and the other work together? What if the other script could call yours and draw the drop information?


Also, I'm quite certain the other script disables enemy drops unless your add it into the event on the map, but then the item drop has no 1/n chance.

Edited by roxas520

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I was just thinking.. Is there a wy so that one or more items are Not dropped if killed by a skill. I was thinking of something like Incinerate where you burn up the Item's the enemy would have held

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The script does not support simple logic unfortunately.

I am not sure how to add it either.


If anything, I would prefer if you could actually write the condition as a logical expression, but I don't know how that would work.

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Great script! Is there any way to have a condition of 'killed by specific actor'? This would work great with my idea of having a chef character who can for example cut prime meat from a wild wolf or would have the knowledge that a specific herb from a plant monster is good for seasoning... adds a little realism to a crafting system than imagining the monsters literally dropped that stuff and the party picked it all up even if it looks useless XD

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