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G'day people of the forums Ignarus has been Greenlit by the community! Thanks to those all so much for having faith in the game in its current stages!

I will be releasing a new demo by the end of this week with new content to be seen and a better understanding of what the game is going to be in the long term, as the world is going to be slightly more open than what the previous demo has to offer. Kick Starter wasn't a success like I was hoping for it to be but that is 100% okay, I will be opening up another funding source for those who would like to contribute and receive rewards. The rewards will basically be the same as they were on Kickstarter.

-Digital download

- Desktop backgrounds

- Video footage updates

- Strategy guide

- Thank you letters.

- Game soundtrack

- Extra download keys for friends

- Posters

- Monster/NPC/Boss design assistance.

I will give the crowdfunding source information as soon as possible, it will be a link in my signature.

Current updates -

- Story progression

- New accessory functions (Evasive skills, sprinting, etc.)

- Updated and newly created maps

- Tons of new dialogue.

- 3 new characters are in the making

. - 1 new atmospheric song created. another in the works

. - Map skills slightly improved. default_tongue.gif

- New sprint animation is here!

Be on the lookout next week for the new demo that will reveal some of the world map that is to be explored.

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Hello all, Kudaaj here and I'm posting one of the final versions of the games demo.

There is about an hour of new game play and areas to explore as i've been quite busy making new maps.  I am quite picky about going back and making changes to the maps, and may add things such as new puzzles, different monsters, and just better lay out in general, and so on.... so I will most likely come back to this area eventually. default_smile.gif

I hope you enjoy and I hope to receive some constructive feedback. RTP and non RTP demos in the links below







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Hello everybody again, Kudaaj here with another update on what has been happening over the last while

It has been some time since I have posted on the forums regarding updates, but I mean well, trust me.



I've managed to get quite a bit done this last while for maps, and eventing.

I've spent 2 solid weeks creating the swamp depths dungeon, and I've got to say that i'm content with what has been created and implemented so far. - Like everywhere else in the game, there is reason to explore, and come back to this area in the future as it may hold secrets that are not yet acquireable.


-Hammer implemented! - With this weapon, one can destroy boulders, and smash enemies for massive damage. Beware, the hammer is fairly slow.




-Mini boss for swamp implemented!


-Boss a work in progress!


-New musician to help with creation of music.


- 2 skills in development.


-A grand total of 12 fairly large size maps have been created since last update


-The new Trailer video created, check it out if you haven't yet!



-More junk food eaten.


-and so much more!


At this point, Ignarus is approximately 4 hours long, it's been a long year, but progress is surely being made!

We are incredibly close to the half way mark! :D

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Yo, you already know i want this game, Already want this in wishlist, but so far all i can do is follow, But once it becomes available will add to wishlist and will try and buy this game as soon as I get enough to buy it, cos this game is amazing work, and puts all the other rm games to shame. SHAME ON YOU CRAPPY RM GAMES SHAME ON YOU. **Looks at all the people who use default assets**.


Anyways good job and can't wait to get to play full version.

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Thanks so much for that! :) It means a lot, it really does, I have really gone hard on this and have basically made it a priority in my life, (as strange as that may sound.) so a compliment really makes me feel good. :)

I very much appreciate it! ^

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So it's been a little bit since I have posted an update, and I think it is safe to say it now requires some
Play Testing.
I've found one bug which effects the player from being able to use the Backstep accessory, but for now that will have to be unaccessable until further notice, sorry. clear.png.
BUT you will be able to find the DASH boots in Tartarus' Bitruus Forest. (The real Memoria Forest).

Ignarus Demo Download Below, or the FRONT page.

Accomplished over the last few weeks:

Completed the 2nd boss. (Yay.)
Implemented story progress, and dialogue. (Still plenty of improvements coming.)
Improved lighting in several areas
Improved Mapping in several areas
Worked more on the second dungeon
Progressively gone more insane.
Got new "cutscene" material
Received my two new songs

Decreased File size further more of the download.
Demo testable up to the first boss within the Bitruus Forest.

If anybody experiences any bugs or glitches that cause any problems, be sure to inform me if you can, as I MOST likely missed it if it is in the demo still.

Enjoy the demo

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Hello everybody!! It seems like it's been a while... So I feel like it's time I posted a progress update.
Let's begin with some demo changes.

Intro area slightly changed for better benefit of tutorials.
First encounter with the shadow has been adjusted and shouldn't be overlapped so much.
Town now an accessible and is part of the story progression.
Dialogue changes and fixes. Dialogue is now less of an info dump I feel, and much more "get to the point."
Lots of event fixes.
I've made decisions and have decided to avoid creating form(s) for Protagonist for a few reasons...
New characters/sprites added to the game.
Maps have been tuned up, whether it be more detail, or objects to interact with.
Asena boss made slightly easier.
*New* Weapon to discover in Bitruus Forest dungeon.
Not able to pick up grapes or apples? No problem, anymore!

New content
SEVERAL maps have been created for the World.
1 dungeon implemented in the past, 1 currently in progress.
The world of Tartarus holds a town as well, It's currently a work in progress.
Story plot progress.
Many dialogue additions
Swimming available with specific requirements. 8GCOHNr.gif
Town in Tartarus in progress.
Mountainous area a work in progress.
3rd dungeon still a work in progress.
A lot on the go - But I'm trying to stick with one thing at a time, it's hard.

Quick explanation how story progress will work in Ignarus.
After the Demo, you are available to explore the "World map". This consists of multiple different maps within a world to traverse and get the hang of.
To make ones way across the world of Tartarus, skills and weaponry will be acquired by doing dungeons and defeating bosses.
You will acquire accessories such as the Swimming gear to get through water, or magic skills to help in a situation where an element might come in handy.

*The new demo will be available in probably the next month or so, as a little more content will be coming, and I'd rather just get the demo 100% complete and continue working on progress of the game until then.*

*BUGS* One person was having problems loading up the game when it was downloaded - If this occurs in the future, please contact me.

Thanks for reading!

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Hello everyone, It's update time!
We are one more version away from the final Demo. So now is the time to get the Demo and try it out, because the FINAL version is going to be a lot shorter!

It's been a busy while with work, but I've been able to keep up with game development and progress a lot to the story/gameplay post-demo, as well as do major touch ups in the demo portion.

Map overlay changes, Fog, forest, clouds.

Monster balances.

Dialogue changes,
adjustments/shortening made for quicker progression purposes.
Silent protagonist - Rather than speaking, the Protagonist uses only "speech bubbles" and "choices." When interacting with objects, he "Thinks" in brackets.

More Secrets/interactions

Weapon hidden somewhere for trial.

Skill hidden somewhere for trial.

Potions removed, now fill a one time use jar full of "Tree Sap." for difficulty improvement.

Stamina Bar, no more spamming the attack button, strategy is now an important factor to each opponent until you can sufficiently defeat them.

Boss difficulty increased. Becomes exponentially easier with each level up.

Monsters are fairly strong at first, be careful and gear up when possible and level up!

New events, and a lot more...

I could go on about what's been added, but it's best to just try it out now for yourselves while there is a whole "dungeon" to explore before I decrease the demo length.
Enjoy, and let me know if you find any problems/bugs of the sort.

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Hello everybody, it's been quite a while it seems since i've released an update. I feel it is about that time to give a little bit of an update about now, so I'll try to cover as much as I can here because, yeah it's been a while since I've done an update, and I've done a lot of stuff.

Visuals Not a WHOLE lot was done in the visual department, but there are a few things.
-Tree's are slightly less in the way in the foreground from preventing the player to see what's going on in particular spots.
-Brightened up all areas slightly as I was told it was a littttle dark everywhere.

New maps This is where most of the work has been done, I've created probably 40 new maps over the last while.
Things such as dungeons, puzzle rooms, enemy rooms, cut scenes, and all that jazz.

New attack - Currently, a 3rd slash is being worked on for the chain hit combo for an upcoming sword upgrade in the future game play.
Here is an image of the newly created Frost Blade
New weapon There is a new weapon in the later game that might be good for enemies that are weak to Piercing.
With the spear, it can do up to 3 hits in one jab depending on how close you are to the target. It comes with a charge ability that will surely annihilate a group of foes.

New sprites and busts The artists have been going hard creating new artwork containing character sprites, and bust artwork for the dialogue.
I think it's safe to say at least 10 sprites have been made, as well as about 5-6 different new character busts.

New boss in progress The new boss lurks down in the deepest depths of a catacomb-like dungeon where humans are led to believe a hope of escaping of the dark world Tartarus is held there.
A deceiving and disturbingly featured fellow recommends you to search in there for your lost friend, Jarren. ( Images coming later)
Does this mysteriously disfigured monster have good intentions? Or is he looking for one more opportunity to make dispose of yet, another human.

That's about all I have to add for this update, I hope to get more updates a liiitttle more quickly for the future, but hey, life is time consuming. :p
We're one update closer to Ignarus' release!

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