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Actor Idle Animation Script

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Hello! default_smile.gif


I was wondering if someone would be willing to help me with the creation of a character idle animation script? In a sense, I am looking for a simplified version of Galv's Character Animation​​​​​​​ script, with a few bits of added customization.


Essentially, I'm looking for the the script to display an idle animation after a set number of frames (I'm looking at 300, but I'd really appreciate if this is customisable so I could fiddle with it).Unlike Galv's script (as well as a similar script from Victor Sant), I'd like to assign the idle animation via the script module, or actor notetag opposed to file name. Something along the lines of <idle: People1, 1, left> as a notetag to set that actor's idle animation to the first sprite group of People1, facing left. Other than that, having the ability to disable idle animations for cut scenes (a switch perhaps, that or disabling it during text boxes would work well too) would be very handy. Although not required, the ability to activate an actor specific common event after so long of idling would be nifty too.


That pretty much sums up the main gist of what I'm looking for. Don't hesitate to as any questions if I didn't explain anything fully, and thank you for taking the time to read my request! :)

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I made this script




You need to put <idle: People1, 1, 2> in an actor notebox, the last number should be 2,4,6 or 8 corresponding to the directions for the the animations


Animations should be auto-disabled during cutscenes but it haven't been tested

You should monitor it closely,the current code my be laggy


The number of frames before animation start is 100 but it can be changed in the script at line 22

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Thanks for helping me out! :D


The script seems to be working pretty well, although it seems to have the odd side effect of enabling followers if they have idle animations, even though I have them disabled. Could you look into this?


As for lag, I didn't really notice much, but would changing it to check if I'm idle only once every, say 30 frames help, opposed to every frame? I wouldn't mind the half-second variance between starting the idle animation if it made for a more fluid experience.

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This thread is closed, due to being solved. If for some reason anybody would like to re-open this thread, just send me a PM. c:


WtvmtpT.png 17.04.2019

Thread is reopened at @Shiggy's request. c:

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Following a request, the script has been updated:


-A license has been added (you can use the script however you want but there is no warranty and you need to include the license and copyright terms)
-The animations now work only if a switch is turned on (but that switch will be turned on automatically at the start of the game)
- Beside the idle animation, you can add a blinking animation, every few minutes the sprite of the character will change for 10 frames as if the character was blinking

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I'm the one who made the request and I can totally recommend this script! Here is the script in action in my project showing blinking and idle animation:


(Blinking also works while moving)



This is how you need to setup your actor note box:



Thanks to Shiggy for this awesome script! 



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