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FP: Passive Effects

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FP: Passive Effects

Author: Tsukihime

Type: Features add-on




Default features aren't enough? Maybe you can use passive effects to further increase your database potential.


The basic functionality of this script is no different from going into the database and manually adding features to your actors, weapons, armors, classes, states, etc.


The extended functionality allows you to add features that are not available, and also add features to database objects that, by default, do not support features (for example, items and skills).



  • Add features to everything! (...almost)
  • Combine with Skill select system to enable passive skill effects!
  • Add passive effects to Actor, Classes, Skill, Items, Weapons, Armors, Enemies, States
  • Change your nickname!




To add a passive effect, simply tag the notebox with


<fp:pe [option] [value]>




<fp:pe skill 2> #allows you to use skill 2
<fp:pe wtype 4> #allows you to equip weapon type 4
<fp:pe mhp 10> #increase max HP by


You can use complex formulas in your stat increase/decreases


<fp:pe [stat] [formula]>

<fp:pe mat mat*0.1> #increase magic attack by 10%
<fp:pe atk a.level*20 + 400> #increase it based on your level


Note that if you want to access the actor's attributes, you must use the keyword "a" and the exact attribute name.


The only way to access an actor's def in your formula is to use "a.def"


Also, avoid recursive formulas.

While something like


atk = atk * 5 


does not sound like too much of an issue, the question then becomes...how often is that applied?


Important: Do not use percent signs. If you need percentage just use multiplication

eg: 20% of atk


<fp:pe atk atk*0.2>




Script: http://db.tt/sLjZfBjf




Ace distinguishes between "Features" and "Effects". Unfortunately, "Passive Features" doesn't really sound like that great, and they all give effects anyways, so I just called it "passive effects"

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I took the liberty of raising all stat limits to 9 999 999


This is great. Is there any way to add a specific value to a parameter? Like +200 HP or +5 AGI. Thanks.


I've changed the param bonus so that it doesn't use the default "add param" feature.


You can now use some fairly complex formulas. The syntax is


<fp:pe [stat] [formula]>


For example.


<fp:pe mhp mhp*0.1 + (200.0 / luk * 4)>
<fp:pe atk atk*5 - exr*100>


If you want to access other actor values, you must use the keyword 'a' that I reserved.

Then you must write down the exact attribute name


<fp:pe mhp mhp*a.level>


However, there's one issue: you can't just write "def + 200"

Because def is a keyword. And they decided to define a method called "def" which is absolutely stupid and I don't know how to deal with it.


If you want to access actor's def, use "a.def"

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I think I can do one of the "systems" (I use the term very loosely since it would mostly be governed by events) I had in mind now.


You're on a roll, Tsukihime. You have yet to cease amazing me. Keep it up. ^^


EDIT: On that note, I think I can also use this to fulfill something story-related. I can come up with so many uses for this, it isn't even funny.

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I've added passive state support. Like all other passive effects, you can write this anywhere and it will be activated.


<fp:pe state [state-id]>


I've also prevented an annoying message from appearing whenever the passive state is in effect, on the map.


I'm thinking of adding this to enemies as well, but it seems like I didn't code it as well as I would've liked such that I can just tag enemies .


I've also added a new passive effect that allows you to change your nickname.


<fp:pe title My_New_Nickname>


Lol maybe I should also change name and character sprite.


Passive effects now apply to










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New feature: Tile effects


These are a set of features related to the game map.

For example, usually when you walk on damage tiles, you will take damage.


If you tag one of your objects with


<fp:pe tile nodmg>


The actor that has that passive effect won't take floor damage!


But everyone else that doesn't have that effect will still take damage.


Recall that passive effects applies to states as well.

So if create a state called "levitate" and tag it with the nodmg effect, and then create a skill that will add this state to your actors temporarily, you can avoid damage floors while the state is active!


Until the state wears off.

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Is the "Skill Select System" required, for his script to work?

Skills don't grant bonuses for me.

For example, I can't add a skill, that increases MaxHP.

I tried

<fp:pe mhp 10>

<fp:pe mhp mhp + 1>

<fp:pe mhp a.mhp+1>


What am I doing wrong?




EDIT: Seems like this script is only an addon for your Skill Select System.

Do you plan on making this script stand-alone? People might not want to use the Skill Select System, while still enjoying the benefits of this script.

Edited by rofl1337

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Skill select system uses this for passive effects since passive effects can be added to everything. I think I didn't allow all skills to give bonuses naturally cause it causes conflict with the other script. Was going to work something out, but didn't figure out a solution.


So the passive effects apply to everything so far except skills, which requires the skill select system.


EDIT: I just fixed a bug that prevented parameter bonuses from being loaded.


Though, I still haven't figured out what to do with skills. Mainly because of how "added skills" are handled.


Edited by Tsukihime

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Could you still release a version, that allows skills to apply their boni, even if not equipped with the Skill Select System?

Also, are Element and State rates possible as Passive Effects?


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The thing with skills is that in skill select, I can pass in a specific set of skills without going through features. With *all* skills, they are defined as


1 - skills you've learned

2 - skills that are added through features


And then there would be a recursive loop since your skills are now features..but the features are checking your skills.

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Other than that the script should be available as a stand-alone version, I have another suggestion.

Passive Effects should be able to increase the values of variables.

By using variables in skill damage formulas, we could have Passive Skills that increase damage of all fire spells, or increase the healing done by specific items.

Imagine them like Passive Skills in Diablo, that buffed other spells.

The code could look like this


<fp:pe v[n] 0,10>


where n would be the variable's id and 0 and 10 the values, that are set, when the skill is learned and not learned.


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The script already is stand-alone with the exception of skills.

I will add support for variables and switches, but skills will take some time to figure out how to re-write the default system.

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i get this error:
script 'game_battlerbase' line 187 nomethoderror occured.
undefined method 'features' for 137:fixnum

how can i fix it? i want to use this script so much -.- pls help me ...

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