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art a wild bustset appeared!

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hello hello !! it is time to unleash my drawings on the world........... even if they're not very good, i'm pretty h*cking proud of them B) they're all sets for my upcoming (eventually (in maybe a hundred years)) game, which is Very Very Tentatively titled something along the lines of "theomachy."


(yes the game will be using busts, but i don't want to take up a massive amount of space with this post so i'm just posting the general-face bust and then the emoset :) )


also, the choice to use the "female" base for all characters is an executive choice on my part; i'm super super not a fan of the "male" looseleaf base so i just decided not to use it at all


now that you've been bored with the intro, it's art time





the main character, whose gender and name can be decided by the player but """"officially"""" uses the name Divinity; an angel fallen from heaven who needs to get their memories back so they can figure out how to get back












one of the secondary characters, whose name is Lilith; a succubus who was born into demonhood and spends a majority of her time helping out newcomers in hell














another secondary character, whose name is Puck; a trickster demon who was sent to hell for a reason he's very cagey about, who mostly spends his time antagonizing Lilith (in a generally friendly way)











and that's all, folks! if you feel like critiquing, keep in mind it takes me many hours to do these because i'm not a very good artist, so critiques like "your eyes don't look realistic" are unfortunately not very helpful, because i'm not able to do realistic eyes ! other than that, i hope you like them [thumbs up]

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That's a pretty cute artwork!



even if they're not very good, 

But still you did much better than me! ^^


I like custom stuff, so even a game with stickmans would be something interesting to see (seriously). ^^

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a new bustset???? i'm actually working on my game ????????? incredible





another secondary character, named melinoe, who is a shadow demon that went to Hell mostly for being the child of a demon and a human









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