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Character Design: Melanie Star

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WORD OF WARNING: The art AND the character in general in this post is strictly not available for any projects. It is here for viewing and feedback :)


I've been working on a commercial game lately, and one of the main characters (arguably the deuteragonist) is this girl.




Here's some fun fun fun backstory:





Melanie Star is one of the major characters in a brutal, unrelenting prophecy who was not destined to be in this mess, but was chosen and adopted by a furry animal.

Don't ask why. Just a furry, old sensei raccoon thing.

Melanie dons the last name of Star from this raccoon thing that was the last name of her older brother Silver Star (who was adopted from an early age), the companion of the Great Hero that defeated Lord Dust 30 years prior, thus putting her into the prophecy. Growing up in a forest surrounded by farms, she was into reading great, legendary stories. Dreaming of becoming a hero, she enters a relationship with a troubled boy called Yellow which leads her to a forest, meeting the Great Hero and Nathan Quiver, son of the Great Hero. After telling Yellow of her lucky encounter, Yellow gives the middle finger and leaves in disbelief of her story (and dates another blonde girl ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ). After being betrayed she reunites with Nathan because Raccoon guy is a psychic. Being the only one to read and understand the prophecy, he tells Nathan that while his *cough* side character friends *cough* go through a Much Ado about Nothing relationship Nathan and Melanie will go through the exact opposite and that she will grow feelings for him. As the script foretold Melanie later on in the game asks Nathan on a date, and reveals to him her evil ex boyfriend who will somewhat have his revenge later in the story. As the story progresses Melanie and Nathan bond deeply to the point that Melanie jumps off a massive tower to save Nathan's life. 


That's it at the moment :)





And her personality:





Melanie Star acts more like her cocky and immature brother Silver, who would mockingly joke about other's relationships in their face. However, she uses this as a cover up to her real character as a shy, feminine character who just wants to be a young girl, thinking that this disguise would be what everyone wanted out of her after Yellow left her side. 





What do you think? 

Also, if you have any suggestions, what do you think she should wear?




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She's really cute (freckles <3). For some reason the style reminds to the world ends with you. About what she could wear, that heavily depends on the game's setting and her personality. It would be quite a difference if she were stoic knight or an airhead spaceship pilot. :P

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