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Every game should have a console!

No way! Every game should remove their consoles before they get published!

It encourages cheating, which really should not be the point of playing games, especially not in single player games.


Or at the very least, console commands should be disabled in the published game, so that they can't be used at all.

Instead, the console should pop out some funny phrases when the player tries to enter something in it. Actually, this is a good idea, great to annoy those wannabe cheating players. :D



Yeah, because Half Life 2, Skryim (all Bethesda RPGs, actually..), Doom, and Unreal Tournament were all absolutely ruined because the developers gave players a console. They are widely known as terrible games because everyone cheats and just skips all the content.


If you have a console, you are only extending the life of the game by giving the player more things to do. The end-goal of nearly all games should be to entertain, how is that against the point of a game? If the player wants to take it into their hands to skip some poorly designed grinding section you made, or explore your map - why should you care? They will obviously know they are cheating, and will go though a fair amount of effort to do so. These days, you should just be glad people are having fun and playing your game in the first place.


I will make a correction though, in refuting part of your statement. Not all games should allow the use of console, only single player or Co-Op games should. Else, without the proper protection, the commands have the potential to impact someone else's enjoyment negatively. Nobody wants to play Counter Strike with someone who has noclip on. This is especially true for MMOs, which have very delicate economies.


I don't think weren't going to see multiplayer matchmaking or an MMO on this forum though, so "all games" applies pretty strongly to the context.

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