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Purple Phantom

aftermath: gears of hope Some of PurplePhantom's Writing

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I'm warning you now, this contains MASSIVE GAME SPOILERS. If you read this, I'm not responsible for any spoilers you see... Which is, like, the entire thing. Anyway, for those of you who want to read it, let me know what you think! :)


Jonas looked around at all of the doctors surrounding him, being sure to keep his heart rate low. The last thing he needed was for them to find out he was awake.

“We need to put him into stasis,†one of the doctors said, “He might be able to help save people in the future.†Every doctor looked up as a huge crash came from above them.

“I agree,†another replied, “He may be our only hope.â€

Only hope for what...?

Jonas felt himself being lifted up and carried, then set down, into something. Just as the top of the stasis bed closed, the entire building shook. The stasis bed was cold... So wonderfully cold. He closed his eyes... The crashing above him got quieter and soon, it faded out, completely. Then, there was silence. Beautiful silence... For a long time, just silence... For a maddeningly long time... Then, he heard a beep and the cold began to go away.

How long has it been?

The stasis bed opened. The room was so... Empty. Empty, save for the medical equipment on the opposite end of the room, the two other stasis beds beside him and the pipes around the room. As he climbed out of the stasis bed, his arm let out a mechanical groan. He stared, silently, then stood up straight. He quietly felt his body over, with his hands. There was so much inside of him that felt wrong... He focused, trying to think back. He’d been in an accident, surrounded by so many people... Oh, the screaming... So many people... And then, gunfire... Everything was going too fast for him to make out just what was going on. All he could remember was the sound... And then, the bright, artificial lights of the underground hospital.

“Quick! Get him to the infirmary! There’s still hope!â€

He examined his now robotic arm, then walked a little. On the wall was a note. He took it and examined it.

“Blake, Jonas Liam

Patient #648

Status: Robohuman

Reason: Lethal injuries

Cause: Multiple gunshot wounds

Notes: It seems as though the patient had leapt in front of a small child and her mother, thus protecting them from a barrage of bullets. Had the mother not brought him to us, he wouldn’t have made it.â€

I did that...?

He put the note back and looked around and noticed a small, black computer attached to the wall. He walked over and tapped one of the keys. It turned on and a video of a female doctor began to play.

“Hello,†she said, “If you’re seeing this, Jonas, you’re awake. You’ve probably just gotten out of stasis and, if other stasis patients are to judge by, you’re very confused. I cannot answer all of your questions, but you can’t let people know who you are. We saved your life, but you’ll endanger yourself if you tell anyone of your new status as a robohuman. They’re planning to destroy them after the War is over. But Jonas, you’re one of the few people brave enough to help humanity. You leapt in front of a woman and child knowing full-well you would probably die. If you’re seeing this, the year is 2487. Going by the units of time we have, now, it should be around October 31st – your birthday. So, happy birthday Jonas... We’ve given you the gift of life. If the situation in the future is the same as the situation, here, you can’t stay where you are. The door is set to unlock on what would be January 1st of 2488. Let’s see, you were put into stasis around November 4th, 2020... Wow. I-I’ll record some videos for you, so you don’t go insane... My name is Nadia, by the way. Nadia Smith. I guess, in a way, I’ll be your new best friend, for a while... Thanks for saving those people, by the way. You did the right thing, kid.â€



Okay! This one doesn't have any spoilers in it! ^_^ It follows one of the main characters - Mike - as he finds himself tumbling into a new world.

Mike quickly looked around and grabbed the nearby items.

“Why didn’t I ever think of grabbin’ stuff from dead folks, before?†he wondered, grinning at the large pile of loot he’d stolen.

Ain’t like they’re gonna need it, anymore.

He walked on, carrying everything he’d stolen, then picked up a huge bag to stick it in. At that moment, another bomb went off, shaking the building and sending him tumbling into a stasis bed, without any of the loot.

“Don’t close, don’t close,†he whispered, gently getting up... And then, it closed.

“No!†he exclaimed. It began to get uncomfortably cold... And then, the stasis bed beeped and opened. He sighed in relief.

“That was close,†he chuckled. He got up and looked around. There was snow everywhere and the plantlife was gone.

“Ah, nuts,†he sighed. He looked around for his loot and found nothing.

“Wow...†he sighed, “I’m in the future...†He climbed up the nearest pipe, to the ground-level floor of where he was and stepped outside, the door closing and locking behind him. He shivered and walked on, into what used to be his old town.

“This place is all crumbly...†he gasped. He trudged on, shivering, to the old factory. It was covered in graffiti. He opened the door and looked in. It was set up for raves. He laughed.

“I knew this would happen, ‘ventually,†he grinned. He walked in and looked around. The body heat and smell of sweat and people lingered in the air. He stayed in for a while, just so he could warm up.

“Wait... If this is the future... Does that mean there are cute cyclops ladies?†he grinned, “Oh, that’d be so cool...â€


After a while, he left and wandered off, into the cold. It was so, so cold... He heard voices, though... He ran towards them and faceplanted into the snow, shivering from the bitter cold that surrounded him.

“H-hey...†somebody said, quietly, “A-are you okay...?†Mike looked up at the speaker. He was a tall, thin teenage boy with messy, shoulder-length, pale brown hair and big amber eyes.

“It’s so c-cold...†Mike whispered. A tall lady walked over and picked him up. He didn’t get the chance to really look at her, though... The cold was getting to his head... His eyes closed.

“Come on,†she said, carrying him off. The guy followed, close behind.

“Where did you come from?†the guy asked.
“2019...†Mike replied, surprized by the warmth that had suddenly surrounded him. Both people stopped in their tracks.

“2019?†the lady asked.

“Yep,†he replied, “Why?â€

“Welcome to 2487...†she replied. Mike’s eyes opened.

“That far into the future?!†he exclaimed.

“It’s almost 2488,†the guy added.

“Everybody I know is dead...†Mike gasped, “The guy down the street who gave me bread for a dollar is dead...†The two people looked at each other, then back at Mike. He finally saw the lady. She had blue eyes and black hair, pulled into a ponytail with fringe covering most of her face and black makeup around her eyes and on her lips. Eyes. Plural. Two of them.

Not a cyclops girl, but still cute...

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