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Rotate Formation RGSS3

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Hi !

Soooo, I searched valid links of the script you are looking for without success.

However, I did find a script that apparently, do the same thing (plus, it plays a sound effect when swapping character).

However, on the topic were I found it, there wasn't any line breakinf the code (because the site of the scripter has been closed, finding his scripts is harder now), you'll have to do all the line breaks by yourself.

 # -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=# Simple Player Swapping# Author: Soulpour777# Date Scripted: 12:18PM, April 5, 2014# Description: Allows the player to switch on to characters by pressing a left# and right button (user defined)# -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= module Soulpour  module PlayerSwitch    # Which button should be pressed to switch party members from the    # formation?    # :R = W    # :L = Q    Switch_Button = :L    # What is the name of the sound effect played when you switch players?    # Sound Effect should be inside the SE folder or inside the RTP    Button_Effect = "Absorb1"  endend class Game_System  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------  # * Public Instance Variables  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------    attr_accessor           :leader_switch  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------  # * Alias Listings  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------    alias :soul_initialize_on_game_system         :initialize  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------  # * Object Initialization (Aliased)  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------    def initialize    soul_initialize_on_game_system    @leader_switch = 1  endend class Scene_Map < Scene_Base  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------  # * Alias Listings  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------    alias :soul_frame_update_on_scene_map         :update  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------  # * Frame Update (Aliased)  #--------------------------------------------------------------------------  def update    soul_frame_update_on_scene_map    if Input.trigger?(Soulpour::PlayerSwitch::Switch_Button)      RPG::SE.new(Soulpour::PlayerSwitch::Button_Effect, 100, 100).play      $game_party.swap_order($game_system.leader_switch, 0)      if $game_system.leader_switch == ($game_party.all_members.size) - 1        $game_system.leader_switch = 1      else        $game_system.leader_switch += 1      end    end  end  end

If you're wondering, the scripter is Soulpour777 (It's written in the script, but some people don't see that) so don't forget him in the credit~


Here is the video of his script in action (The window with faces isn't part of that script, it's another script of his that has nothing to do withe characters swapping)

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