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Common event with weapons & removing equip option

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I have recently started working on a game that will have a fairly item-based battle system. I was hoping some people could point me to scripts (if they actually exist) or just general ways to accomplish my goals, since I have not had any luck finding them on my own. 


The easiest method for accomplishing what I want (I think) would be calling a common event with an equipped weapon and using a variable to trigger the learning of the skill. My preferred method would have just used consumable items because those already can call common events but that made a whole bunch of other thing necessary and it got complicated. Anyway. 

I want the weapons to teach characters a skill after so many uses (determined by variables) and I also want to make sure the skills are learned AFTER battle. Lastly, I want to prevent the players from being able to select the other equipment slots on the menu since they won't be used at all. I only found a way to remove the names but the players can still cursor over and select the empty spaces. 


Thanks in advance :)

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