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Available now for $12

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/684000/Wooden_Ocean/






           The Wooden Ocean is a full length RPG inspired by games such as Dark Souls and Dragon Warrior. It is set at the physical edge of the World where no sunlight ever reaches. You are on a simple quest to find your brother. Nothing more, nothing less. Combat, customization, and exploration are the heart and soul of this game. Everything else is secondary.





40+ hours of gameplay
600+ Spells and Techniques
1100+ Items with Random Loot

Fully Connected World

Town Management
3 Difficulties


















Game Design:
Leif Anderson


Stephen Elder







RPG Maker Network (Summoner of Sounds)

"The Descent"
Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)
Liscensed under Creative Cmmons: By Attribution 3.0


Victor Sant
Casper Gaming (http://www.caspergaming.com/)
V.M of D.T

tomoaky (http://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/)





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I'll certainly take a look




There is no sound whatsoever. My volume is working and the master volume was at 100%


Also, how do you save?

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You save at the purple crystal ball things. As for the sound, that one´s new... hmmmmmm... might have to restart your computer.

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Ok, turns out that my global rpg maker sound was muted, problem solved.


I am enjoying it so far.


-Element selection would probably work better as a highlight menu like the difficulty.

-Humor's good, if a bit too obvious.

-Combat feels nice but you should probably find a better battle theme, the current one really doesn't fit the mood.

-Lighting could maybe be a bit less dark. It would help if you had a lantern or something like that.

-The puppet's cast one spell and then try to fight with no mana. I would suggest giving them a way to drain mana or more all together.

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Thanks for playing and I´m glad you resolved the sound thing. (I had a slight heart attack tbh)


You got some good points, like the puppets needing more mana and the humor being too obvious at times. (the game originally had no towns, NPCs, or any dialogue for at least a year. It was strictly a dungeon crawler. But one day, I sat down, did a town, and somehow created a story)


One point that stuck out for me was the element selection screen... that would be a good idea actually. Especially since it´s so early in the game. Should give me something to think about as I do my night shift tonight. I remember someone suggesting that over a year ago. (same with the battle music, which has been changed)

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Can we have some kind of thing whether it be a manual or in game list that tells us what the status effects do? There's a lot to keep track of.


Also, when you try to exit the map, it just keeps bringing you back to the menu again.

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The newest one has over 50 bug fixes, 25% more story, enemies and places to go, as well as more spells and about 100 more weapons and armor. A lot has been done in this last month and I apologize for the free/buggy version of the game here. (that map bug was an absolute nightmare to fix. Hands down the strangest bug I´ve ever came across in my life, right next to an old red screen one that stopped the game for over half a year)


As for the spell thing, you´re absolutely right. Someone a few weeks ago pointed that out as well. So I made the current version have 6 more books that talk about the status effects that are not explained through a spell´s description. They´re scattered throughout the game here there, but will be in easy to read order at the 1st floor mansion library next to the fireplace.

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I started playing this game and I already managed to discover, that there are maaaaaany ways to build your character and many ways to go in general, which is nice. ^^


I didn't pay much attention to genders of characters posted in here and guess what happened? The game didn't say anything and I thought that the character is male, so now, there is a witch named BOB. :D


I like the game so far ~ so much to discover, interesting environment.

But one thing I didn't like is that, the game runs extremely terribly in some places. Most likely due to lighting effects. Changing it to low doesn't help at all. That being said, traveling through few locations is a pain.



I admit the maps are huge ~ I already got lost somewhere, but that's fine! :D

However, I went to the arena while having only the main character in party (because I obviously got lost and randomly got there :D) but the conversation involved characters that were not here. I assume I should have the rest of the characters before getting to the arena, right? =P


Also, I've managed to find a mapping error and get on the wall.  :ph34r:


It's a really nicely made game, but the thought of having to deal with the lags for the entire game makes me kinda hesitant to continue... =/

I know it's not your fault though.

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The does game does lag in some places, and with bad computers like mine, it lags almost over where. Trust me, I feel you. In fact, it lagged so much, It was part of the reason I stopped working on the game for about a year. I felt most people wouldn´t play it, and right fully so.


It wasn´t until a few months ago when I showed "this old game I was working on" to my friend.  He was wanting to checkout RPG maker, and let me tell you, I sat there frozen when I watched my game become smooth for the first time. No lag or anything. Apparently he has a semi beast computer, and that´s when I realized... it was 2016...and next year it will be 2017, and 2018. Etc, etc. As time goes on, people will have better computers in general for it´s poorly optimized self. Much better than mine at least. It´s a sliding scale in the game´s favor. And 2016 is a some what reasonable threshold to release the game in. Not fully reasonable, but somewhat reasonable. Reasonable enough to unreasonably get back to work on it at least.


Thanks for the feedback. Glad you noticed all the different builds. (got a few more now) And that old bug at the arena. Sorry for that.


btw, do you know remember where that mapping error is? I´ve only found 5 or 6 of them since the free version. Just paranoid it isn´t one of them.

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I'm 99% sure, that the lags are caused by lightning system, that you have implemented there. This script is famous for both - nice effects and creating lags.

But the problem is with the RPG Maker itself - it has extremely poor performance and that's why many developers have troubles with optimizing games (inlcuding me). That's ridiculous, that I can play 3D games and such without any troubles, and here silly RPG's can run terribly. That's because the engine does not use GPU ~ and anyway my PC isn't that old... This software is weak and that's all, so don't take it personally as it's not your fault. The only solution would be removing these lightning effects.


I like the way you have implemented these builds ~ different elements with different effects ~ even the type of weapon itself brings its own skills. I really liked how you added the damage formulas into descriptions. That's one of the biggest issues these games have ~ not having the damages etc. displayed and having to guess what does what. Your game handles that nicely and browsing through the skills is nice as it allows to easily compare things.


That mapping error was just at the beginning in one of NPC's houses ~ 






Also it allowed to to interact with the lamp from the top and change its sprite due to lack of direction fix. =3

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Thank you, and congrats on your 5,000th post! It´s an honor to have it on this thread. (It´s like, historic or something)


Edit: I´m gonna compress the light images to a smaller size later today. Cut their file size in half while retaining the same image quality. Hopefully that will lower lag by 5 or 10%.(maybe even more)

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Oh, right, thanks! :D


Mhm, your game could benefit from some optimizing. That's why I'm not using this lightning system at all by myself. It does look great, but at a high cost. =/

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I'm liking this game so far, but because of it going commercial I decided to hold it to a higher standard and go on a bug hunt... and actually write it down so I can remember, I always forget that part...

Well, after a full day of playing the game, I'm working on a critique document that's about three pages long so far. I'm thinking I'll continue until I've played the entire game, but I'll post what I've got so far.




Critique of The Wooden Ocean
Some lanterns around the world flash other graphics when touched. This is due to the event
not knowing it is a lantern and acting as though it's a character that you can talk to.
By default all events turn to face you when touched. For things such as lanterns, that
shouldn't do this, tick the Direction Fix check box for that event.
after loading a save file next to the arena, I couldn't enter the arena or most other
nearby rooms. Overhang at the entrance to the arena could be walked on at this time.
This fixed itself after teleporting away and back again.
Deep Catacombs
Several walls north and east of the entrance, can be entered into and walked on, if
you enter them from a north facing wall tile. This bug seemed to occasionally fix
itself after dying, reloading and/or teleporting.
Follow the corridor north of the large wall segment north of the entrance, eastward,
and you will find a wall tile that can be walked on above the second overhang.
One of the snow-less varieties of pine tree in the large room with pillars have no
collision whatsoever, and can be walked under.
In the long corridor leading up to a locked door, east of the cave north of the
western catacombs, you can walk on the tile above every single one of the overhangs.
Forest East of Katis
A flower east of the tree with the lantern north east of the chest with the Broken Bug
Armor(This might be a random item) displays above the player, as if it's floating in
the air.
Northern Katis
A few of the graves can be walked on. Specifically the two at the top and the one with
the yellow flower on the second row. This is probably a bug, considering that they are
the only graves that can be walked on.
The soldier at the northern entrance to the graveyard.
At least is misspelled as at leat.
Guard at the western end of the graveyard.
'Of all the place to put me...' should be 'Of all the places to put me...'
Small house west of the mansion, Northern Katis
When examining the map, it places me in a never ending loop, asking if I wish to exit
the map.
Small house east of the market, Northern Katis
When attempting to examine the map on the second floor, it immediately asks if I wish
to exit the map. If I say no, it repeats the question, never allowing me to actually
view the map.
Simon's Mansion, Northern Katis
A wall tile can be walked on above the overhang at the entrance to the eastern
corridor, opposite to Simon's room.
The tile left of the overhang at the entrance to the same corridor, northeast of the
small northern library on the first floor, can be walked on. Follow the top of the
northern wall of the bathroom, westward to see what I mean. This allows the player to
walk along the top of the northern wall, by the bookshelves.
Wall tiles can be walked on, both to the left and to the right of the overhang west of
the kitchen on the second floor.
The wall tile left of the overhang east of the kitchen on the second floor, can also
be walked on.
The bottom overhang tile, of two, that covers the entrance to the small room with the
piano on the second floor, can NOT be walked under.
Not exactly a pathing bug, but I feel like I should be able to walk behind the chairs.
Especially in the library on the second floor, being able to walk behind the chairs
would allow me to more comfortably reach some shelves that can't be touched from below
yet can be touched from above or the sides.
Small library, first floor. First shelf, top left. Basic Magic Vol 1.
The word essence is misspelled as escence.
The word extraordinary is misspelled as extrodinary.
'But at the end day' should probably be 'But at the end of the day', and the end to
that sentence should probably be 'very few people know how to use mana in the first
place.' Also, in the same document, the word for the essence of life seem to be
established as a proper noun, meaning it should probably be capitalized. So, Mana,
insted of mana.
Next shelf, Basic Magic Vol 2.
'When doubt' should be 'When in doubt'
Next shelf, Common Tactics Vol 1.
'Or perhaps that have a shield fetish...' is a strange sentence to begin with, but
might sound better if 'they' have a shield fetish.
'...those that carry shields more likely to be attacked.' should be '...those that
carry shields are more likely to be attacked.'
Next shelf, Common Tactics Vol 2.
The word affect is used where the word effect is more appropriate.
'This is the only tactical advantage being on the ground has.' Not technically a mis-
spelling, but... Ugh, just ugh.
Try 'This is the only tactical advantage to being knocked down.'
Next shelf, Common Tactics Vol 3.
Misuse of i.e. also, don't capitalize this. i.e. means 'That is', i.e. an explanation
of the preceding subject. See what I did there? In the sentence 'However, some enemies
I.E. Snakes, Slimes, etc.' the snakes and slimes are example of enemies where the
principle being discussed applies. e.g. meaning 'Such as', is more appropriate here.
Last shelf, Common Tactics Vol 4.
Mend is a word, remend is not. Did you mean remedied?
Library, second floor, shelves from left to right, top to bottom.
Judge the Flavor of Vol 1.
Not enough butter! You can never have enough butter...
Judge the Flavor of Vol 5.
Your Marshmellow Squash recipe might have killed your neighbor, but you're clearly
still alive to write about it.
'...he'd be fine and be 20 again.' again, not misspelled, but might sound better as
either '...he'd be fine, and 20 again.' or '...he'd be fine, and he'd be 20 again.'
Judge the Flavor of Vol 7.
The word carboxyles is misspelled as carboxles.
The Frozen Cavern Vol 2.
'I told the town what happened, but only they believed me...'
Who believed you? The town? Clearly not, but it's not obvious from this sentence.
Beggar's Travel Vol 2.
'But apparently his mother, was a Witch.' There shouldn't be a comma here. It's a
minor thing, though. I am a frequent comma abuser, myself.
At this point I reach the Hero of More series... and begin questioning if this is all
worth my time.
The second time you look at Marcus's letter, the message shows the wrong portrait for
the main character.
History of The Beach Vol 1.
'Over sighted by young angels.' This is an awkward sentence. An oversight is an error
or omission. What was likely meant is supervised, or overseen.
History of The Beach Vol 2.
'Structed after the primordial gods architechture...' should probably be 'Constructed
in the style of the architecture of the primordial gods...' but it's still a mess
either way.
'Edgar Norman, a man who's argument to the celestial Government passed through,
allowed a charter for it's citizens' Oh, boy... let's break this down.
First, who's is a misspelling. It's supposed to be whose.
Second, the possesive form of it is its. It's means it is.
Third, the entire part between commas is an explanation for who this Edgar fellow is,
so we can remove it and the meaning of the sentence should remain intact.
If the intended sentence means the same thing as 'Edgar Norman allowed a charter for
its citizens.' then we're good, but since the subject previously discussed was the
apartments, and not the city itself, I think it would be better to say the city's
rather than its. They aren't citizens of the apartments, after all.
Fourth, an argument passing through sounds weird. Governments may pass amendments or
perhaps motions.
Was it really Edgar that allowed the charter? Or was it perhaps the goverment, swayed
by Edgar's argument, that allowed for the formation of a charter?
History of The Beach Vol 3.
What is the R.U.R? Will this be explained somewhere?
Dolls and Statues Vol 1.
Past tense of lead is led.
Did Tolmund really pour the wood?
Dolls and Statues Vol 2.
'...was inspired her father's work.' should be '...was inspired by her father's work.'
Dolls and Statues Vol 3.
I'm guessing it's the other statues that will sell weapons and armours, not the key.
'...an item belonging Morana.' should be '...an item belonging to Morana.'
This entire volume is a mess. I think it implied that living dolls or statues were
used as slave labor, but it wasn't clear.
'A descision that resolves the work of biological labor for some aspects.' is a
sentence completely devoid of any spelling errors, yet completely undecipherable.
Is this English? It looks like it, but it might as well be poetry.
History of Witchcraft Vol 1.
The word renownedly is misspelled as renownly.
History of Witchcraft Vol 3.
'Their love for the what is and what could be.' should probably not have the word the
in it, but it's unclear.
'...despite actually very little to offer.' should probably be '...despite actually
having very little to offer.'
History of Witchcraft Vol 4.
The expression is typically ruling with an iron fist, not an iron hand, but whatever.
History of Witchcraft Vol 5.
I'm not sure what making calls against someone means. Maybe charges have been made?
Demon Psychology Vol 1.
'...opposite features...' might mean '...opposite natures...'
'Both regarding to diet, and lust.' should probably be 'Both regarding diet and lust.'
or maybe 'Both in regards to diet and lust.' but this sentence seems awkward. Is this
perhaps a good place to use our old friend e.g. again?
Hunter's Guide Vol 2.
What holds a divine forest? The direction of North East? How about Northeastern Katis,
or the area northeast of Katis?
Hunter's Guide Vol 3.
'...I am the writer for these unreadable books.' should probably be '...I am the
author of these unreadable books.'
Romanticism Vol 1.
Since it is the beginning of the book and no locations have been mentioned, the use of
the word nearby is superfluous. Also, beaches are at shores per definition. So a beach
shore is like a water lake, or a railroad track train station.
'...due to the discovered of this book.' is probably meant to be
'...due to the discovery of this book.'
Again, the past tense of lead is led.
In the sentence 'And whether or not the story of the prince randomly finding the book
on a beach shore is true or not...' you already said the or not part in the beginning,
so there's no need to repeat this at the end. It should be either 'whether or not it
is true' or 'whether it is true or not'
Romanticism Vol 2.
The word Romanticism is, ironically, misspelled as Roamnticism.
Romanticism Vol 3.
The word logistics is misspelled as logisitics.
There is more. For example, there's a corridor in the sewers with a floor that is two tiles wide(high), and if you walk on the bottom row
you can walk straight past the point where it should transfer the player to the next room. I found it when I walked into the dead end at
the far eastern end of the corridor, thought it didn't lead anywhere, turned around and walked back and suddenly was transferred to
the next room.
I'm not going to complain about combat difficulty. I made my bed with nightmare and can bloody well sleep in it.

This was day 2, so there's nothing on the beginning of the game. I'll play a new game tomorrow.
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Great post. Thank you for finding all those mistakes. Some have already been fixed but many, if not most, have not. I´m going to go down this list right now and fix everyone I can. Again, thank you and I appreciate your help.


I´m releasing a closed beta on Tuesday if you´re interested.

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Just a heads up but aren't all submissions supposed to contain 3 screenshots to be approved? I recommend adding two more just to be safe~


Also, this is a game I've kept my eye on for the past few months now, Seen a little gameplay of it, but once I get myself set up in my new home I do intend to check this one out :P Keep updating~

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Version 1.6, Ghost Road, is now up.


Next month's update, Tower of Reason, will bring one new area with a new arena. It will also be the last big update for Year 1. Wooden Ocean Year 2 will begin in June with a giant Seasonal update. The game will also increase to 15$ for new buyers at that time, so purchasing the Wooden Ocean now will save you some money.

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