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I'll begin posting the smaller patches from here on out.



v3.0.5 Hotfix
New Features:
Autodash. (hold shift to walk)
Yamen Farm can now be destroyed or defended.
2 arena leagues added to Red Temple Arena.
5 new tiers of loot added. (tier 14 and 15 can
only be farmed deep in the Infinite Hotel)
Basic state animations for enemies.
5 mimic chests added to Eastern Ocean.
Increased Poetry of Blood penalties.
Lowered PoB encounter strength by 10-30%.
Buffed Card Ghosts to compensate.
Demon doors 2-7 buffed by 10-60%.
Demon gear buffed accordingly.
Last boss buffed by 10%.
Krakens buffed by 25%.
Krakens now drop realism shards.
Doubled realism shard drop rate in chests.
Doubled card pack drop rate in chests.
Tripled distance rate of Infinite Hotel.
Improved bush effect for grass and plants.
Removed all autoshadows.
Fixed bug that crashed Rakenzie card game.
Fixed bug that allowed chapter 2 to be skipped.
Fixed savepoints in Infinite Hotel.
Fixed hallway issue in Infinite Hotel.
Fixed certain enemies from doing incorrect damage.
Created pathway to Poetry of Blood I.
Poet of Blood easier to find in Deep Catacombs.
Removed multiple unused scripts for improved performance.
Improved some misc sprites.



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v3.0.6 Misc
New Features:
Improved battle backgrounds.
Created battle camera for enemies.
20% easier to run from battle.
Fixed Poetry of Paint save.

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