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Name: Damage Efficiency
Version: 1.0
Author: Mr. Trivel
Created: 2016-05-09
What does it do?
Allows battlers to deal more damage depending on their weapon, element, skill type or overall efficiency.



How to use?
Give note tags to Actors, Classes, Enemies, States, Armors or Weapons to improve efficiency of that battler:
<WeaponEfficiency: [WEAPON_TYPE_ID], [PERCENT]>
<ElementEfficiency: [ELEMENT_ID], [PERCENT]>
<SkillTypeEfficiency: [sKILL_TYPE_ID], [PERCENT]>
<OverallEfficiency: [PERCENT]>
[PERCENT]: 0.01 - 1%, 0.5 - 50%, -0.25 - -25%
Weapon Efficiency - battlers deal more damage while wielding that weapon type.
Element Efficiency - battlers deal more damage with skills of that element.
Skill Type Efficiency - battlers deal more damage with skills of that type.
Overall Efficiency - battlers just deal more damage
<WeaponEfficiency: 2, 0.5>
<ElementEfficiency: 2, 1.0>
<SkillTypeEfficiency: 1, -0.5>
<OverallEfficiency: 2.0>
Want a skill to only deal more damage with spears but not weapons, use the following note tags to ignore bonuses:
<IgnoreWeaponBonus: [WEAPON_TYPE_ID], [WEAPON_TYPE_ID], ..., [WEAPON_TYPE_ID]>
<IgnoreWeaponBonus: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5>
Plugin: <GitHub>
How to download Plugin. Click the link above, there will be a button named Raw, press Right Click -> Save As.
Terms of Use:
Don't remove the header or claim that you wrote this plugin.
Credit Mr. Trivel if using this plugin in your project.
Free for commercial and non-commercial projects.


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Oooooh, I was actually wanting something like to. It helps make classes more efficient instead of having the same weapon stats. 

Now it makes sense for a class to be better with certain weapons!


Thanks Glasses, such a lovely plugin~


PS: would it be possible to request you upload the "No Items Category" plugin to your site? It's the only plugin I have to track down on this site everytime and sometimes it's a nuisance trying to search the correct keywords haha. Sorry to be a pain ;-; I use it in  every project so I was just wondering

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