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Isometric 30/60 Degree Angle Diagonal Movement/Map

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Hey, would it be possible to create a plugin that allows the character and events to not only move diagonally, but to move at a 30/60 degree (isometric) angle instead of the standard 45 degree angle?


here's a diagonal sprite I created if this helps - xfjTZ56.png

and here's a map that you could probably use as a parallax - 4te1ksf.png


if there's anyone able to help out with this, thanks heaps! I may be able to give something in return :P

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sooo I haven't gotten any further with this whole isometric thing. I think a lot of people want this, but it seems like no one has been able to create a real solution for it yet. At the moment the closest thing I could find was Quasi Movement which in itself is very very brilliant, but the player is still not able to move truly isometric. I asked Quasi about isometric on the rpgmakerweb forums, and this whole time I've thought in order to get iso, you need the characters to move in that angle, but he was saying the way to do it is by rotating the actual map itself. Now this is nothing new I guess, buuuut just thought I'd update this with that thought in case some really really awesome person comes along and reads this and decides to have a go and somehow achieves this thing.
There's also this link here - Creating Isometric Worlds: A Primer for Game Developers that talks about it that Quasi also suggested... although I'm not sure how to apply that to MV.
And here's another link I found with the math behind it - Converting cartesian geo-coordinates to isometric ...although I think this link is probably useless. I'm not sure if this can be easily applied to MV (I know next to nothing about scripting :/) and I think the first link already mentions something about the math... but hey.

Quasi also said you just need to "rotate" their display. In mv that would be editing the .screenX() and .screenY() functions in the Game_CharacterBase class to use an isometric formula instead of the cartesian formula.

I also saw someone creating isometric on youtube, but so far there's been no release of that and the characters seem squashed which isn't particularly preferable :P.

Pleeeaaaase tell me that all this waffling on was completely useless and someone has actually made this thing? THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!! :'D Thanks!

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