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Game of the Month Description and Question Thread

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So what is Game of the Month?

GotM is an old forum feature that we're reviving. Every month you, the members, will vote on a game that you are most interested in and we will have a little discussion with the devs to sneak more information out of them ;)

Due to the nature of the feature we would prefer that you vote for games that have been completed, or at least had a significant update, within the last month. It is also preferable that the game be completed or have a demo available as it will allow us to ask more pertinent questions.


What will the logistics be?

Ideally, I would like to release these for the 1st of each month. Voting will take place over the first three weeks of each month, leaving me with a week to get my head around the community's choice and liaise with the devs. Each GotM will, in a sense, be two months behind as the following timeline will hopefully elucidate:


May                | June                                         | July

Game update | Voting and interviewing period | Article release


Doesn't this run the risk of becoming a 'popularity contest'?

To some degree, yes. But so are governments and we still have those. To prevent abuse though we wont feature the same game twice in a yearly quarter. In cases of repeat winners, or cases of a tie, a decision will be made at the staff's discretion although we will endeavour to make our reasoning as transparent as possible when the decision is broadcast.


What if the devs do not wish to disclose a demo or undergo an interview?

Same as above really. This is all to encourage and support hardworking devs but if they dont want the extra exposure, for whatever reason, then they aren't obligated to accept it and we'll just find someone who does want it.


Am I allowed to vote for my own game?

Absolutely! One vote probably wont be enough to win it for you though ;)


Why didn't we get a vote for June 2016?

We felt it was in the best interest of the feature for members to have an idea of what to expect for future GotMs.



I think that's about everything (although it would seem straightforward to me :P). If you have a question that isn't covered then ask below and I'll update this post.

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Small question, do our nominations have to be released, or simply in active development?

Would it be best to nominate just so we can hear interviews about past projects we're interested in hearing about?

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These things are a little shaky atm as it largely comes down to how active the Game Production forums are. Initially I would have liked this to be for completed projects only but we probably get less than one of those a month so not much to vote about there...


What's posted above are preferences as they better suit the idea of a 'game of the month' (recently updated/completed, significant level of development), if we're lucky it could even encourage development. If it helps things along though then I'm more than happy to consider 'game of the month' to simply mean the game featured that month as it is ultimately, something for the members. If the vote is in favour of a very old project, we'll do the very old project (ofc, the creator will still need to be active). If the vote is in favour of a game in very, very early production then we'll do the very, very early production.


In short, we'll need some more experience with this to figure out best practices but I'm open to suggestions.

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Gonna have to start thinking about who I might want to nominate then.

Might be nice if SOME PEOPLE pimp out their games a little, eh?

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Alot of quiet/un-updated games go hidden after a while, and it's kinda sad *cough*Kitty Simulator*cough*


Also, question; though probably stupid; Does the game have to be on this site?

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No questions are stupid (well, okay some are) but please ask them in the questions thread in the future. I'll add this to there one to there later.


And, while I hadn't considered that before, yeah its probably for the best that the game is on this site. It'll make them a lot easier to contact and stuff.

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