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Hio. I have recently resurrected a project I began last year some time. It is undergoing major changes, but keeping some concepts I had originally, even expanding on those concepts. So let's get to it :)




Classical Age World is just what the title suggests, and more; a game set in the classical age of Earth, all of earth. It emulates nations and generates npcs randomly which have life death cycles, as well as birth cycles. The player may choose any position in the game, from ordinary citizen, to leader of their own nation.





Open World, in the since that you may go anywhere any time, and do anything anytime; RPG; civ emulator; and historical fantasy (ish). additionally, survival mechanics, as well as an anthropological educator.



Game Progression


Game itself: 2%; Scripts: 5%; Images: 2%; Maps: 1%; Events: (to be determined); Quests: 0%; Music: 0.5%; Game Mechanics: 3%; Items, Weapons and Armor: 0.5%; Classes: 100%; Tiles: 10%





Basically people to bounce ideas off of. If anyone is willing to contribute something, it is always welcome.





Humanity awaits a hero whom can assimilate the world under one rule. Only time will tell if that hero will go his/her own way, or join forces with an existing peoples to achieve world peace. Events throughout the game occur, which are triggered by various factors, such as population effecting outbreaks of disease, famines and riots.


The hero may come from a handful of existing nations. There is an optional epic quest line which is about self discovery, which takes the hero on a journey across the earth, in search of deeper understanding of the world, the people in it, and the hero themselves.


World Peace is achievable by many ways, and each culture expects a different means of doing so. Wise decision making can be the difference between a genocide, and harmonious antiquity.


Migrations can occur based on factors such as resources and territorial dominance.


Romance is something featured in the game, which can lead the player to a greater purpose, in having children, and even becoming royal to a lineage of ruler(s).


Titles and Ranks help the player progress through employment and servitude. And can be the difference in paying full taxes or not, as well as putting the hero in charge of advising a leader of a faction diplomatically, economically, and legally.



Character Bios


This sort of thing is randomly generated, and there really is nothing set in stone as default for the game.  There are however, factions set in stone, so to say, which are subject to assimilation and/or destruction if they prove too weak or foolish.


The playable factions (meaning the player may be a citizen of in creation of a new character) are:



The Citizen as a Player.

The Faction Symbol:
























Garamentes (amazons, females only)












Shandor Acasia-Kuteer Jackson (aka Chungsie) - music, sprites, tilesets

modern algebra - quest log

Selchar - calendar and clock system

Hime - connected maps and others

special thanks to Cookie Ninja, for helping develop a faction/diplomacy/npc script(s)
and shiggy - for developing my skill tree and crafting system(s)

Matt (McDohl)








  • Quests
  • Diplomacy
  • Wars
  • Economy (trade and treasury)
  • Development of cities (playerside only)
  • Cultural diversity
  • Procedural NPCS
  • Skill Tree*  (89 Total)

    Hunting Skill ->
    * Fishing
    -Leg Hold
    Foraging Skill ->
    *Floral Gathering
    *Floral Identification
    Spirituality Skill ->
    /Avery Hunting
    /Mammal Hunting
    Construction Skil ->
    -Stone cutting
    -Stone smoothing
    -Stone shaping
    Politics Skill ->
    -Worldly Knowledge
    -D Negotiations
    -D Persuassions
    -Team Work
    Carpentry Skill ->
    *Bow Making
    *Handle Making
    *Furniture Making
    Weapons Skill ->
    -Brute Force
    Armor Skill ->
    Crafting Skill ->
    -Thread Making
    *Bone Work
    Smithing Skill ->
    *Tool Making
    -Sharp Tools
    -Blunt Tools
    -Glass Making
    Cooking Skill ->
    Speech Skill ->
    Trade Skill ->
    Invention Skill ->
    Mechanical Skill ->
    *Watch Crafting
    Alchemy ->
    *Blood Magic

  • Crafting options
  • wildlife patterns
  • mini games
  • Player owned land/buildings
  • Banking system
  • Strategy system
  • Advisor
  • if I think of anymore it will be added, but it's early and I need more coffee
  • Survival oriented system



Crafting Resources:


Tin, Copper, Bronze, Iron, Steel

Chibae's Tribute:


Chibaeunite [spiler] A mineral sky blue in color, created from the blood of Chibae upon her untimely death. Her Blood mixed with Moldevite and infused at a quantum level, thus producing an element denser than tungsten and stronger than titanium.




A mineral dark brown in color, created from the eyes of Chibae. When a Kitsune ate of her eyes before her death, the Kitsune metabolized the element in its bowels and thus Chibaeite was formed. The mineral is very lightweight, lighter than balsa, but much more durable than Osage Orange or even Desert Iron Wood in terms of strength. It has a natural acid imbued within the crystaline structure, which is causic when worked with, only experienced smiths may be fortunate enough to live through smithing the element.




A mineral purple in color, created from the heart of Chibae. The poison which she consumed before her death solidified her heart and turned it inanimate and the result was a mineral of pure power. Unlike most elements, it is extremely unstable and is deceptible to bonding with other elements, it is best smithed using iron as a bonding agent, in low amounts around 0.05% for every kilogram smithed. Failure to do so will cause neutrons to be released and cause electrical damage to anyone contacting the element. Mine with extreme caution, suggested to wear iron grieves accessory while mining and smithing. It is about as dense as high carbon steel, and is less likely to bend or lose its edge, much like that of Sythrin, however it is extremely hot and difficult to mount gems as a result. Consult with a master smith before working with at any level.




Midnight Blue in color. It is said that when her hair hit the ground, a Phoenix took flight from her head and deposited large amounts of Chibaesilver into her skull; the deposit acted much like that of an egg and hatched a multitude of itself everywhere. To prevent further reproduction of the element, bind with ginseng or other stimulant. As a result of its abundance, it is not expensive, and is about as cheap as tin, however, with the right mastery in skills and proper use of gems, it is possible to use the mineral to amplify Fire elemental damage skills and attacks, and greatly harm enemies of all kinds. Due to its common place in the world, no markets offer it for sale and none will purchase it, however, the Inuit use it to aid in heating their abodes during the harsh cold winters, and because it is said to glow, it provides much needed light similar in properties to that of the sun.



Chibae Crystal

Teal in color. Her thoughts upon her death, are the causation for this element. Those who attempt to make things with it report hearing her last words spoken to them by the birds in the jungles of Brazil. Take it with heed, this element is very noxious, and requires knowledge in Ingenuity to be able to keep from poisoning yourself with it. It is comparable to Sulfur when harvested, but proper binding agents make it harder than that of Diamonds, and more dense than a cubic millimeter of a Neutron Star. It is suggested to not work with as an amateur, or even a master, as there is a great deal of work to have it safe to use, however, the rewards for crafting with it successfully are so high, that not even Quetzalcoatl would be capable of putting up a fight against anyone wielding a broadsword made from the mineral. It is often refered to as the Destroyer of Gods.



Chibae Bane

Salmon in color. Somehow, the poison which took her soul to the afterlife, immortalized her actions as a sentient into the form of this mineral. It is often found bound to Chibae Crystal, and so some Engineering is required to separate the two. One deca gram of it is enough to craft a 24 kilogram dagger capable of discharging enormous amounts of energy when struck against anything. Do not drop it, as that has resulted in master smiths losing their lives to the dangerous mineral. Rumor has it that her actions were so potent, that a single proton of the element is enough to destroy the entire universe. A great deal of knowledge is required to even think of working with this element. It will fetch a pretty penny at market, one deca gram is worth 200 million croy, partly because there isn't alot of the element lying around. One Grand Master smith spoke of using the element with Rubies to create a shield capable of withstanding the heat of the sun. However he died shortly after for having inhaled raw Chibae Crystal powder and died from it's powerful toxins.




Yellow in color. No one knows for certain what it relates to with Chibae the Epic Heroine, however, many in the Han dynasty claim it had to do with her urine, while the Mayans claim that it was her vast wealth transformed upon her death, that resulted in this element. It is not rare, but more rare than Chibaesilver, and is found on market, but most merchants will rip you off claiming it to be gold, hence it is sometimes referred to as Chibae's Foolsgold. However, despite the problems around the element, it is very safe to work with, and doubles as a conductor for electricity. Most elitist use it for a lightning rod, while others have attempted to use it to wield the power of Zeus; such attempts would require thurough knowledge of gemology.




Red in color. Is most desirable for axes and rings. It is in fact the blood of Chibae, made metallic in her sacrificial offering to the Goat God Pan. As an axe, it can fell a tree in one hit, because at a quantum level it creates miniature black holes which form and annihilate quarks in objects struck with said axe, and is safe enough to use for most. As a ring, it gifts the wearer the ability to convince anyone anything at any moment without repricution. Other weapons and items can be crafted from the mineral, however no one has documented fully the effects of doing so. It is often the case that mounting gems to the crafted things from this mineral does not actual boost the abilities of the weapon, or modify it's elemental damage modifiers. However, it is extremely responsive to emeralds and can be used to create portals to anywhere on Earth.




Lilac in color. It is the essence of her soul in raw form. No one knows much about it. But a great engineer with much ingenuity theorized that just one particle of it was enough to cure any ailment, and revive the dead to life. He was not certain if it meant the dead were undead zombies without a soul or not. Approach with caution, many claim it will temporarily blind you, and can even leave you deaf.




Silver in color. It simply was her favorite color, and so people thought they had found a new element when they found some silver deposits due to a rumor started by monks living in Tibet. The real Chibaegen is on another planet, and is only found when asteroids strike the Earth. Those learned enough, believe it is some rare radioactive form of silver.




Raven's Tribute


Blue Caw

It's blue. Can be used to call on the spirit of the Raven to invoke speed and stealth when pickpocketing the innocent. It is outlawed in most regions, but if you find a Rogue settlement, it is possible to obtain some for completing a small favor/task. As a weapon, it vastly improves agility, and greatly drops defense, while luck goes way up.






Ruby: Raises attack X150%, Fire Rate bonus, changes Attack Element to include Fire. The accessories act as Skill enablers for Fire Magic(s).


Sapphire: Ice element included, x150% raise to attack, Ice Rate bonus. Accessories act as Skill enablers for Ice Magic(s).


Emerald: Earth element included, X150% AGI raise, X100% ATK raise. Accessories act as Skill enablers for Earth Magic(s).


Alexandrite: Thunder replaces element, LUK X100%, ATK X150%, Stun +100%. Accessories act as Skill enablers for Thunder Magic(s).


Scapolite: Absorb replaces element, ATK X125%, REC X150%, HRG +100%, MHP X150%. Accessories act as skill enablers for Healing Magic(s)


for all information regarding Socketed Equipment, consult the Guide in game. Do note that some metals/minerals improve rates specific to a socketed gem type modifier(s).







*Order of Skills subject to change when added to game.

Edited by chungsie

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I like the premise and historical fantasy could do with a little more love for sure.

That being said, the scope of this project is just too big; you want to create enjoyable content that is relevant for every station in life, everywhere? People consider beings that consciously do half of that deities so good luck. Even AAA companies tend to homogenise all the factions due to how much work it would take implement every historical quirk of each society. Is it good that they do that? Not really. Is it necessary? Probably.

I guess what I'm getting at is that I'd rather see you tackle one faction really well and leave it at that if you're then going to use that one as the model for all the others.


The screenshots might not inspire hope in some people (especially if those are the best you have to offer) but I don't mind as long as the systems themselves are good. My biggest concern from those screens are how confined the player looks in a supposedly open-world game.

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Thanks @Tarq

I don't have a job per say, and I collect disability, which is something I may have not mentioned in my intro as I was not yet approved for ssi when I first joined the site. However, I have no concerns with spending many years on this project. I have to start somewhere, to be sure, and the things I've implemented already are something I like. the confinement of the first map was for testing purposes, I did not remove before taking the screenies.  and realistically, yesterday I added new scripts, so I need to update the credits list.

anyways, have a good day

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