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beta is out in testing :




Story :In the Beginning of Arion you open to chasing the main boss of the story while you are drugged on a potion that will in 2 minutes make you forget everything. after you lose to the boss

you will have to start from the beginning of arion which is at Hermes's territory you fight Hermes, and after you defeat him he teleports you to the Field of Kato which is filled with slimes, rest of the story you unfold as you go.

Setting :it is mostly in the older time periods of the forest. for first town its more Forest like second town is a Snow town and third village is forest like.
Purpose : i Actually started on RPG maker to do 1 thing make a Action rpg game because as i was looking in the Game List for RPG maker VX Ace i saw there weren't many Action games
only around 8 to 10 and i thought it'd be unique to make an Action RPG game where even though the characters are 32 x 32 you can still change the way you look and stuff.

Game Progression : 33% (demo coming out in 11/1/16)
Recruitment: I am looking for a scripter, Artist, and a mapper.

only 1 Character is Available in Arion because having 2+ characters would mean making 2 different stories and basically copy and pasting a lot of text from the story and just changing names.
Since there is only 1 character in game and the character is mainly a sword user I will make it so that for your second Weapon you can basically use a Staff or a Gun still deciding.

Eon - 13 Year old
Last remembers fighting a demon, woke up finding himself in a place he didnt know in order to not bring the town in Terror from the Demon he was fighting he acts as if he was
just a regular adventurer and secretly tries to find out if the Demon is in this world as well.
Class : Knight

Credit :


Casper Gaming
Mr Trivel
modern algebra
Nhat Nguyen




Features :

ABS obviously
Dungeon's and Fields (there is only 1 field so far because of the story line)
Treasure Chest system (after you Finish a dungeon you open a Chest)
Auto Save
Achievement system
Pet System
Stats Distrubution
16 + Equipment Type
Level Required Equipments
3 Mini Games
Mouse System
CheckPoint System
Mana Stone System
Equipment Upgrade
Mail System
Various Different Looks


Feature ScreenShots :

Skilltree_zps8vzug6hp.png - Skill Tree
Pet%20Shop_zps9yzwnnc2.png - Pet Shop

Stats%20Distribution_zpsodk5dwmg.png - Stat Distributiom
Magic%20Stones_zpsqxmhl3c9.png - Magic Stone System

Crafting_zpsjy8zgkko.png - Crafting
Achievement_zpsvl4vqldn.png - Achievement
All%20Costumes_zpszz0fsuf6.png - All Costumes so Far



Game ScreenShots :



East%20of%20Kato_zpsyvwrh69b.png - this is first field for the first village.

Hud_zps6mesafy6.png - the new and improved hud.

Kato%20Village_zpsm1nh7sds.png - First Village (old version)



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reminds me of Eon Dragon Eye Reborn. It's a book about a girl named Eona, but has to hide her feminine side and go by the identity of Eon. Competitor for the next spot as Dragon Eye. It's a really good book.

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sorry i havent updated or anything its just ive been busy with the website and school so ill start to update it every week or two now.


edit : Added a website link.

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finally made a little beta game for it, although it is still quite buggy. you can download it from either http://arion.my-free.website/download or from https://www.mediafire.com/?eir3dmi11i1dhc6



  1. You start off fighting the games main boss and the rest of the story you potentially fill out as you go.
  2. You get a free lvl. 27 weapon around the beginning of the game and also a skill (Flame Geyser Maxed out 5/5) which is not currently in the skill tree.
  3. When you get to the first village you will receive  23 free items, 4 are accessories which increase stats other 19 are costumes(character customization).



  1. I have 1 hour of game play on my saved file and i had only done 10 Quests rest was from exploring. (but i knew where everything was and how to things so time may vary from 30 min to 2 hours.)
  2. Only 1 Village has a full Story line so far.
  3. Most Quests are Dungeon Related but in the last village it will be field related as well.



Features Currently Bugged

  1. Title System - is where you can equip Titles and they give you stat bonuses also when you level the titles can effect how much you go up by. (Not actually bugged all titles are just unlocked during beta phase.)
  2.  Pet System - there are currently 10 pets you can get just go to the Pet seller and buy them using Gold. Moves are currently being fixed .
  3. Mini games - currently 1 mini game that works fully , 1 is currently getting fixed and recreated. (Not actually bugged mini games are not available during beta phase.)
  4. Quest Board - will give you a list of quests you can do that are repeatable , Quests depend on which town you are in but it is not yet available.(Not actually bugged Quest board dosent function yet.)


Features Currently Bugged

  1. Auto Save - Automatically will save the game after 10 steps, after you open the menu, and after you teleport from places to places.
  2. Stat Distribution - Lets you decide what stats you want to increase as in (HP,MP,ATK,DEF,MAT,MDF,AGI,LUK).
  3. Level Required Equipments - you have to be the right level to wear the gear.
  4. Banking System - put your items,weapons,armors, gold in the bank and can take it out any time you want.
  5. Mouse System - you can use your mouse to click on button on the screen.
  6. Revival System - When you die you will automatically revive to the nearest village if you have a Revival Potion then you wont lose any Gold, if you dont have a Revival Potion then you will lose Gold depending on which map your at.
  7. Crafting System - is really common in games you basically just use required items to get an item for example "to get a Level 35 sword it requires level 30 sword + 100k gold + 2 gold ore"
  8. Mana Stone System - you can socket extra stats on your gear such as (HP,MP,ATK,DEF,MAT,MDF,AGI,LUK)
  9. Equipment Upgrade - Upgrading is a HUGE feature in this game as upgrading weapons and armors can make you really powerful for example "Level 1 adventurer sword + 11 is better then a level 11 flower sword."
  10. Mail System - In game mails will be given to you to send special messages or to reward you.
  11. Various Different Looks - You can change how you look in the game with costumes there are total of 30 seperate accesories, and 10 full sets of costumes.
  12. Treasure Chest System  -  is basically after you finish a Dungeon you get to pick a chest and that chest will give a random item if you get S rank in the dungeon you can pick 2 treasure chests.


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After I finish making the dungeons for the new towns i will start continuing the storyline.

one of the new dungeons :








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