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Leon Sandcastle and some books...

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Hmmm... I want to share some writings...

Rags to Death - the first fairy tale I ever wrote...

Ayvdaqualosgv - the 33rd fairy tale I ever wrote, borrowing from First Nation myths and lore


Anyways, I did publish an ebook of my fairy tales, still have to revise some more so I can publish a second book for them.


I did just start on a novella fairy tale with an urban sort of setting.


I like writing, writing is good too.


Do you like writing? is writing good to you?


you can use what I have shared for projects with RM engines, I don't mind. Just give me credit.


I have more, lots more, I think I have written around 200K words in my life so far. But I don't want to overwhelm people so request what kind of thing you want me to share. I also do stories upon request, but nothing beyond a short story... If I like you, I might be willing to do a novella length one. But seriously, those take time and require all kinds of cussing at the computer screen. And I won't do public posts on this site for anything in the Cupid series, as they have adult scenes at times. Everything I linked is considered safe for a General Audience.

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I love writing! \o/ Recently (well, not that recently anymore) I got into a huge block and it's been really difficult to dispel it. In fact, I haven't gotten over it yet, and I haven't continued any of my stories in months, and the major ones in years. :< I'm trying to get back into it, writing a few sketches and stuff, but somehow it's not as easy as before TT^TT but I would never give it up, so :)

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ya, but I don't know grammar enough to be proficient with first draft perfection :P

although a good writer/friend (she ghost writes for a living) suggested that one of my stories was a diamond in the rough, just in need of some editing to really get it to shine... it's also not NSFW appropriate for this site.

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