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So I started drawing for some reason. Maybe because I invoked the Arch Angel of Creativity? Or maybe because a friend is coming in from Cali whom I used to draw with? Who knows for certain?


Some are concepts for my comic book project, others have use in my game projects.





The MC to Cupid's Rising... First attempt.



Cherokee God of Dusk, has a role in Cupid's Rising early on.


Tiger Eating a Snake!

Um, I don't really know why I drew it? I think to practice the perspective of head on view.



The Ziz of peace. Mythological Jewish Bird similar to a Griffin.


an Ahuizotl being hunted by Ba



it's Paulus, the Chobahdae. this was a failed attempt to do a Chaneques







Buffalo Soldier

I wanted a first nation equivalent of a Minotaur. I could try making it into a battler if someone really wanted to use it. Free of charge naturally. There's even a giant falcon, and Buffalo Commander, and freaking vegetable stealing rabbit.




I'm no good at feet or hands :(



In the Mohawk Tribe of the Iroquois nation, Moha is the Thunder God. Not sure if I like the composition...


Psychedelic Warrior

The Mantis known as Psychedelic Warrior



Ummm... Ya...








Brown Wizard and Racist Blue Dragon

Ummm... there isn't enough brown wizards in fantasy.... So I made one.





I will be drawing until the 2nd of July through the 7th of July, then I will resume on the 8th of July.

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ok. I made some battlers, anyone may use them. but they are NOT pixel art, they are pencil pen and paper art. They may have to be resized to suit your needs, they are no taller than 225 pixels which DOES fit in ACE.




Hoplite (Spear and Buckler)


Parthian Archer


Roman Hastati


Thracian Swordsman




If you decide to use these in a game, please provide credit, if it is a commercial game, please send me a free copy of the game so I can battles them all in your params. :)

Personally, I feel the Thracian could be redone, not really satisfied with it's proportions. 

Here is from a comic book I just started for my brother...


Cloud: Issue 1; Page 1

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many thanks good sir! XD

Page 5


I made a second one late last night :P so far it is 11 pages, and I'm on the second act of the short story, which is one page written, so likely I will use larger panels for that section.


Edit: addittional from today


Page 6

Page 7

Page 8

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been practicing to make hack and slash sorta rpg stylized side scrolling sprites :) I use a wireframe for the skeleton and then add mass to it. Once I get the basics massed out, I will go back and add armors on another layer. Ideally all armors will be wearable without having to make a bunch of animations with different armors, just use same armor with different colors, or slight modifications in texture.

Multi Engine sprites, free to use as a template :)

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