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Welcome to Toby's Island,  a 90's style RPG that follows the story of Toby, a boy whose lineage destines him to defend an island from a terrifying darkness imprisoned at the islands core.
On the journey you will craft tools and potions, farm plants, fish...fish, and collect monsters while you repair and upgrade a village, meeting new friends and overcoming an evil that your predecessors never could. 
The intention of this game is to appeal to fans of the pokemon franchise, but expand on both the story telling and gameplay.  The game revolves heavily around resource/item collection, explores serious themes and prides itself on hidden passageways, events and easter eggs.
You may remember seeing a post about this project a while back in 2014.  Visually the game has been rebuilt almost entirely, leaving only the menus and a few odds and ends behind.  I am also very close to a demo that I would love to show everyone.

Toby's Island is about a family, or a blood line if you will. The story goes back many generations to an ancient civilization of human that lived in harmony with creatures of magic.

Though most humans and creatures lived in contented harmony, There was one truly powerful entity, Azmodeus, who felt that himself and other creatures had more to offer than their human counterparts.

As a member of a human/creature council, he urged the other council members to see it his way, but when they would not agree, he took those who sympathized with him, breaking the council in two, eventually leading to a great war between him and almost everything else.

It seemed Azmodeus could not be stopped, he and his minions resorted to horrible tactics. A beautiful blue crystal that once sprouted around the world, provided life to a diverse population of creatures. Without those crystals, the creatures simply fade away. Azmodeus and his army traveled the land slaying all who opposed him. After defeating a region, he would destroy the crystals of that region, leaving it void of any magic or fantastical beings. For reasons noone knew, Azmodeus seemed to be immune to the crystals absence.

Nothing seemed to harm the dark one, nothing ever seemed to work. In a final act of desperation, to protect an island with the last remaining crystals, a human member of the council sacrificed every living thing on the island, using their souls as mana to seal the Dark One deep at the islands core. To appease the spirits of those sacrificed, the council member promised that as the crystals slowly breaths new life into the island, his blood line would be destined by its magic to travel to the island and care for its new plants and animals. Garden keepers of sorts.

Many Generations later, things were going well until a generation was skipped... something happened. The natives of the island waited, but no member of the blood line came. What's worse is Azmodeus seemed to have found away to spread is dark magics out of his prison, influencing creatures and runes, conspiring with other evils to do his bidding. Things have become dire, and that brings us to... Toby.

Toby is the newest of his blood line. It may be up to him to do what his ancestors never could. It may be up to you, to defeat the Dark One once and for all.


Toby is a brave and caring, smart and curious young boy.  He is generations of brilliant men and woman in the making.  It's up to him to assemble the combined talents of his ancestors and unite the creatures of the island.  He is very unaware of his task though, thought only to be stories told to him by his grandfather.  He is very estranged from his home. Living with his single father, They never speak, and Toby is no longer allowed to visit his grandfather, the only person left in his life that he truly enjoys being with.
(name pending a change)
A lone warrior on the island, poised to track down and kill every last one of Azmodeus's dark minions.  She's been the only human on the island for as long as she can remember.
She's never seen the outside world and finds anything from it fascinating.  Talented with polearms and acrobatics, she is a force to be reckoned with.
There are many creatures on the island.  They can speak human languages taught to them over the centuries.  You will meet a wide variety of species and be able to hatch your own from eggs!  Once you've done that you can train them, feed them and evolve them in various ways!  Each with unique conditions for different evo paths.
Ancient members of the council still around in intangible spirit form.  Toby can imbue eggs with these personalities in order to give life to new creatures and power worth having for your quest against the Dark Lord Azmodeus




Toby by Cecillia
Toby and the old shell pup by Allusion
Trogus by Matt Snider
Mermus by Matt Snider
Battle with The Dark One by Matt Snider
Shellpup - Andrij Mcevoy
Pelcaina - Andrij Mcevoy
Diaphora - Andrij Mcevoy
Marl by Michelle Cachey
an amazing doll of Kira by Shannon Shipitalo-Hartgrove


Credits may change as development progresses
Rokan and Kirin
Lone Wolf
Neon Black
Matt Beer
Story and gameplay
Matt Beer
Music and sound
Matt Beer

ti_facebook_zps8c73061d.pngti_twitter_zps4376adb8.png <--- social media icons made by Galv.

Edited by Matt Beer
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Wow, I love how colourful the maps and monsters are! It'll be interesting to see how you build upon the themes and mechanics present in the Pokemon series. Good luck with completing your demo - this looks very promising. :)

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