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I was looking around the internet for additional versions, and found http://rpgboss.com/

What I found interesting was the control over the three layers of the tiles which gives great control over stacking tiles for certain effects.


Unfortunately, the program still seems to be mostly in development, and cannot be used to properly produce a finished game.


Was interested if anyone else had run across similar program projects that had interesting features that gave an extra level of control that wasn't expected.

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Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have the ability to compile the games, and doesn't seem to have had any progress on development  from the last version.


Seems to give very good control over the map assets, which means fewer tiles need to be created for a given effect. The built in assets aren't all that impressive, but you have control over the assets for mapping controlled on each map.


Considering that it was build as an attempt to have a choice outside of the RPG Maker main community, and the builder(s) where part of the community at one time, it would be nice if it could at least be considered for something that the community could either support on it's own, or try to encourage as something for future RPG Maker versions.

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Imma redownload it. It's prob not gonna finish cuz I had it for a long time but it's good (of what was finished, of course).

EDIT: Or naw. It froze and then I closed it. Then the music continued playing O_O

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