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touhou Touhou Kasen Ibaraki Sprite (RPG Maker VXAce)

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http://deli.cubic2.net/member/taoc/kadoya/tkoolxp.htm This has some Touhou characters in RPG Maker XP.

http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/35360-yings-things/ And this has some in VX/VX Ace format.

This one has a BUNCH of Touhou sprites (but it hasn't been updated in a while).


http://revdot.web.fc2.com/dot_rpgvx_toho.html Every Touhou character up until Double Dealing Character

http://trombe41084177.blog47.fc2.com/blog-entry-347.html A lot of Touhou sprites

Lots of tiny Touhou sprites! (perfect for a Pokemon spin-off)
Several Touhou material for VX Ace. (Even Kosuzu!)
This site has some Touhou sprites and various animes

This one has various animes and Touhou sprites up until Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom (Click the 4th link, then RPG)


I also hear Pixiv has some RPG Maker sprites, but I'm not sure of the ToU on those...

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