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So I've been working on these character busts for ages, finally got them to be in the right format/position/etc., I put them into the picture graphic section of the resource folder, and when I preview them there's this weird patch of color around my character even when I selected that green background color as the transparent color.




I'm a total noob at editing, and I don't own photoshop. I've tried gimp and other random free editing softwares but I just can never get the hang of them, so I've just been using Microsoft Paint... Anyway, my question is, is there an easier way to get rid of the green patches without having to fill in every single pixel? And if I can't do it using Microsoft Paint, would anybody be willing to do it for me...? I don't mean to dump my work on you, it would help me a lot! I'll even credit you in my game haha  ^_^

(busts made with KHMix)



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