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Warning: May contain adult content such as gore


Title: Dead End


Abstract: Naya Ambrosius, a normal teenage girl, gets sucked into a twisted and haunted metro station.

She is met with many dangers, obstacles, and a mystery that needs to be solved.

Genre: Horror and Little Romance

Current Game Progression: Demo is 5-10% done

Recruitment: Digital Artist

Sprite and Tileset Artist


Music and Sound Effects Artist- position taken



The setting of the story begins in a normal metro station in the city of Taipei Taiwan.

As the story progresses, Naya Ambrosius will travel through alternative universes, dimensions.

Dimensions include an ominous and creepy metro stop/mall, twisted and gory slaughter house, monster filled

universe, a place of shattered memories, and some other settings are still being thought up of.



Naya Ambrosius, a 15 year old girl, finds herself trapped within a haunted metro station. Her only hope

of escape is to travel through many twisted and horrifying dimensions and universes to solve the mystery

causing her to get trapped within these universes by a mad man and his sick daughter. As Naya travels

throughout dimensions she meets a boy and a young girl who accompany her on her travels. Through all

hardships and challenges the boy and Naya fall in love, but this love will possibly become Naya's own

downfall. In the end, will Naya make it out happy or sad and tattered. It'll be up to the player's

choices to decide her fate!

(There is an uncanon lightnovel version of this story i've written, I'll link it below)







Naya Ambrosius

Age: 15

Bio: A strong willed and tough girl. She hates being alone. Traumatic events often render her tattered

and/or insane. She lives with her mother but doesn't get much time to talk with her mother since her

mother works long hours. Even though she's strong willed she is easily swayed by emotions.

Depending on how players play the game, she will slowly and slowly go insane. Her favorite clothes is a

white button down top with a blue mini skirt. She has brown short hair with two bows on each side of

her head. Has Brown eyes.


Jaiden ?????

Age: 15

Bio: The worlds biggest scaredy cat. Naya's lover and significant other. Runs away from any form of

danger. Even though he is a giant wimp he will still fight for his friends if needed. Very determined.

Survival expert. (Personality mostly based off of Eren Jeager from Attack on Titan.) Has Brown short

hair and brown eyes.


Leila ??????

Age: 10

Bio: Creepy girl. There is something very suspicious about her. She is very weak and frail. Likes to

play. Is very shy and reserved. Doesn't talk much. She has crystal blue eyes and long blond hair.

Wears a very frilly Victorian style lolita dress. Always keeps a stuffed bear in tow. Will be a

very key character in the story. Has very pale skin. sometimes shows murderous tendencies.






Yanfly- Custom and Save Menu, Name Above Text, Slippery Tiles

Lemongreen- Simple Item Menu

Seiryuki- Left-side Currency

Soulpour777- Choice Box Position

Hime and Rycochet- Tile Switch


(I made my own tilesets and sprites and used the RTP audio and artwork)








Edited by Ailuro
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Sounds interesting! 

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We have currently gotten a volunteer music and sound effects developer! Also I have begun working on subplots and a background story for the character Leila

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