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What is Nex ? A turn-based RPG taking place in a fantastic world. It is a hardcore/dark rpg game.
The game itself is progressing fast, I've been working on it for about 2 years now and it is slowly transforming into what I wished it to be. This game is not about graphics, its about good, intense gameplay and crazy replayability.
For now there's about 5 hours of gameplay but since I've spent so much time on the system, the hours of gameplay will rain soon enough ! And once its completed I would like it to be about 70 hours of gameplay minimum.
The strongest inspirations for my game are the Dark Souls series (obviously), Pokemon and I guess every Anime I've watched for the past 10 years.
If any scripter or artist is interested in the project please pm me, if you are none of those things but wish to contact me to comment on my game you are highly welcomed to do so !

Is the story any good ? In Nex you play Totems, which are a species able to connect with Animas (Spirit Animals). Each Totem has a particular Anima; Rat, Lion, Boar, Honey Badger. There are only examples of the diversity of the character range. For now the game contains 31 playable characters each with a unique set of skills, masteries and backstories (which ranges from boxing champion to simple cheese store owner). Totems are going extinct and may it be for your personnal benefit or for the greater good, you must reclaim all 7 Kingdoms (Sun, Cloud, Sand, Sea, North, Thundering, Night). In each Kingdom reigns a King or Queen and you must defeat them in order to complete the game. To reach these Queens and Kings you must first defeat their Champions. As for the characters backstories it will be revealed through flashbacks, finding certain spots will reveal additional information on each character.

Character design much ? I do like character design and it is clear in Nex. Right at the start of your quest you are allowed to choose any of the 31 current characters (Ultimately there will be 155). Since describing all of them would be crazy, let's be iiiiinnnsaaaannne !

Are you ready ?

Jeremiah the Shadow : He is the criminal lord of an underground information network residing the Sun Kingdom.
Anima : Rat
Quote : ''No one is born evil nor good, luck shapes our destiny.''
Ana the Springchild : She is a the host of the Spring Tempus, she incarnates this season.
Anima : Hare
Quote : ''Love is to life what light is to the flower.''
Emily the Beauty : She is the host of the Winter Tempus she can bring about powerful snowstorms.
Anima : Arctic Fox
Quote : ''The world is my home, my heart.''
Beatrix the Forest Guardian : She is a wildling and also a really good warrior.
Anima : Boar
Quote : ''Grr..rah !''
Tania the Bad Omen : She is a witch specializing in curses.
Anima : Cat
Quote : ''There is no greater curse than life.''
Victoria the Commander : She is the leader of the White Squad but also its medic.
Anima : Dog
Quote : ''Evil rules this world I am the one who destroys it, I am Justice !''
Adam the Scientist : He is the source of every piece of technology in Okkulus.
Anima : Human
Quote : ''Madness and genius are only conventions away.''
Anubis the Soul Lord : He specializes in soul manipulation and is the head of an Impure traffick criminal organization.
Anima : Jackal
Quote : ''The Totem soul is a paradox. It is so fragile yet irreplaceable.''
Maurice the Master of Time : He is the only known Totem to possess time manipulation.
Anima : Sloth
Quote : ''Patience is key to understanding time, only when you have waited too long can you understand its true meaning.''
Ziibi the Architect : She single handedly built the Sea Kingdom.
Anima : Beaver
Quote : ''Beauty can be invisible. Perseverance is to me one of the most beautiful things there are.''
Rufus the Pickpocket :He is the best around but only when it comes to theft !
Anima : Raccoon
Quote : ''Wealth is such a heavy load, let me lighten yours''
Bonnie the Gypsy :She is a chronic gambler but she is also scarily intelligent.
Anima : Chimp
Quote : ''What are the odds of me drawing the Ace of Spades ? Considering the fact that there are 52 cards in a card deck and that in Blackjack, you can possibly draw a maximum number of 11 cards, I'd say there's absolutely no chance I would not draw it.''
Brad the Drunk : He as a serious drinking problem even though he does not see it that way.
Anima : Elephant
Quote : ''Addiction ?! Not afraid. Aren't we all slaves to our needs: air, water, food, love.''
Cedric the Idealist : He believes that love is the salvation of all living beings.
Anima : Bonobo
Quote : ''A Totem is immortal. It lives on through the heart of the Totems it loved''
Ares the Hellsteed : She is a master of Fire and one of the few to have master its most powerful techniques.
Anima : Horse
Quote : ''A true flame consumes all.''
Lance the Duelist : It is said that Lance never lost a duel.
Anima : Antelope
Quote : ''A single life equals that of many. What kind of King would let its subject die ?!''
Nemea the Sun King : He is king of the Sun Kingdom.
Anima : Lion
Quote : ''Sacrifices build the strongest legacies.''
Evelynn :She is the Queen of the Sun Kingdom.
Anima : Sheep
Quote : ''Our reality is filled with limitations and restrictions. I'd rather dream, for every dream is a new world on its own, a new paradigm of life.''
Marcus the Boulder :He is the High General of the Night Army, residing in the Night Kingdom.
Anima : Rhino
Quote : ''In sunlight it is impossible to see the darkness, but in the dark every light shines as twice as bright.''
Run the Fugitive : He is a criminal but its heart is in the right place, he also is deeply in love with Hit.
Anima : Cheetah
Quote : ''There is but one thing one cannot run from: Fate.''
Jeanne the Cheesemaker : She owns a cheese store in the Sun Kingdom.
Anima : Cow
Quote : ''Kindness is the simplest expression of strength.''
Kane the Brawler : His dream is to one day be champion of the Grand Smash, his boxing is the best.
Anima : Kangaroo
Quote : ''A fist strength is neither speed or power. It is conviction !''
Robert the Brute : He is the undefeated champion of the Grand Smash, a wrestler.
Anima : Gorilla
Quote : ''Violence is a reality, there is no denying it.''
Gaël the Wolfmother : She is the leader of the Scarlet Pack, a bunch of violent mercenaries.
Anima : Wolf
Quote : ''There is no fate worse than solitude.''
Hit the Cannibal : She is a member of the Scarlet Pack.
Anima : Hyena
Quote : ''Nothing tastes as good as meat, unless its blood. Blood works just fine.''
Hugh the Shredder : He is a member of the Scarlet Pack.
Anima : Honey Badger
Quote : ''We are artists: each blow a calculated paint brush. each scream a melody, each bloodstain an impulsive signature... Each corpse a masterpiece.''
Bisha the Prowler :He is the leader of a secret organization of assassins known as the Unknown.
Anima : Tiger
Quote : ''A scar for each life taken.''
Juro the Envenomed : She is a member of the Unknown.
Anima : Hedgehog
Quote : ''We kill so that others may live, but I couldn't have lived if I had killed him.''
Hotei the Giant : She is a member of the Unknown.
Anima : Black Panda
Quote : ''Black and white, good and evil, right and wrong, these are only illusions, two sides of the same coin.''
Daiko the Mist : She is a member of the Unknown.
Anima : Skunk
Quote : ''I strike without a doubt, invisble like the wind.''
Fukuro the Blind : He is a member of the Unknown.
Anima : Mole
Quote : ''Courage and stupidity are synonyms. Fear, on the other hand, saves lives.''

Respect artists !

Original Artwork

Chloé Frédérik :
- Logo
- Landscapes
- Character Sketches

David Maynard Dion a.k.a. Dr. Strangefunk (Soundtrack) :
- Terra
- Catacombs
- More and more to come !!


Yanfly :
- Ace Core Engine
- Victory Aftermath
- Ace Battle Engine
- Ace Menu Engine
- Event Chase Player
- Ace Message System
- Charge Skill
- Ace Status Menu
- Party Sized Menu
- Steal Items
- Extra Param Formulas
- Element Reflect
- Common Event Tiles
- Ace Shop Options
- Element Absorb
- Convert Damage
- Party System
- Skills Restrictions
- Enemy Death Transform
- Complete ''Lunatic'' Suite
- Ace Target Manager

Casper Gaming :

- CSCA Core Script
- CSCA Menu Organizer
- CSCA Encyclopedia

Hime :

- Feature Manager
- Movement Speed
- Airship Event

- Skil Costs
- Stacking States
- Passive Skills

Fomar0153 :
- Equipment Skills (The whole game is based on this script, so thank you)
- Custom Equipment Slots

Woratana :
- Database Limit Breaker III (999 Skills were not enough)

Kread-EX :
- Game Over Common Event

- Common Event on Battle End

Zeus81 :
- Fullscreen

Mithran :
- Graphical Object Global Reference

- Stop State Removal on Death

V.M. of D.T. :
- Basic Enemy HP Bars

Szyu :
- Crafting System

Majirefy :
- Mapnameplus

Yami :
- Basic Module

TheoAllen :
-Insane Anti-Lag


Music :

- Dearly Beloved (Yoko Shinomura)
- Cloud Atlas Opening (Tom Tykwer)
- Everyday (Carly Commando)
- Interlude (Akira Senju)
- Lapis Philosophorum (Akira Senju)
- The Hill (Marketa Irglova)
- Test Drive (John Powell)
- Low of Solipsism (Yoshihisa Hirano and Hideki Taniuchi)
- Decisive Battle (Nobuo Uematsu)
- Victory (Nobuo Uematsu)
- Accelerated World (Accel World)
- Invasion (Shiro Sagisu)

/!\ Hype Alert ! /!\ Here are some screenshots of Nex's features !

Extensive Equipment !


7 slots of Artefacts are available


The Beginning


Intense Boss Fights !!


Sweet Fast Travel !


and much much more !!

Unique Features ? Nex is full of unique features here's a few :

1.Artefacts; Each character starts with 5 unique items providing unique skills which can be leveled until the player has to decide if it wanted to obtain the final version of the artefact or transform it into another playable character ! (All the possibilities !!)

2.Saving; Save points are scarce in Nex. The first one is located in the starting area (the catacombs) and the others are located in dangerous zones but the player will need to find special items hidden across the kingdoms to unlock the save points !

3.Crafting; A unique crafting system allows the player to farm Champions artefacts ! The player has to eliminate each spirits in a very specific way to obtain crafting materials.

4.Flashbacks; Has mentionned before each character possess a unique backstory which will be revealed by observing flashbacks from your character's past life.

5.Immortality; The player never dies, it returns at the catacombs everytime the party wipes. Killing enemies reward the player with ''Memories'', granting it experience rate bonuses and boosting all stats. Memories are lost when the party wipes.

Playable content :
- All 8 first branches
- Terra's second branch + Champion
- Jupiter's second branch + Champion
Get it NOW !!! Download

This game seems perfect !! No it is certainly not ! It is still in early developpment and new content will be released every week or so, so it might not be bugless but my playtest team and I will try our best to make sure there is no major bug before putting it here !

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