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Abstract: This is a card battle game. It will consist of characters from many anime and video games. There will be exciting battles and many cards to collect.
Genre: Puzzle, Card Battle
Game Progression: This progress of the game is roughly 12%, it has a long way to go but I would like some feedback on the general idea of the game.
Recruitment: Not recruiting at the moment. So far this is a single man project.


Story / Setting / Purpose:
The story so far is that there is a disruption in the Space Time Continuum due to your past mentor's experiment. This rip in space and time causes a black hole to act as a portal to send you these powerful cards. There is one major foe who is seeking to obtain these cards and use the power for himself/herself. You must collect these cards and defeat this foe before they complete their goal.



The cards stats are based on their rarity. For example if a card has a rarity of 2, then all of its stats are 20. Atk, Def, Spd...etc.

All cards will have different abilities which will make for a great change during battles.

Also there are special Trump Cards for every set which have the ability to destroy an opponents card, but to use the ability it takes some charging so plan carefully.


Card Total:

280 [so far]
Character Bios:
There are no real main characters. There will be regular people who have a hold of the cards.


Special Guest Characters/Teams:

The special guest teams or characters will be those of whom you know.

Team Valor, Instinct, and Mystic will play a role in this game.



DS Tilesets



Victor Sant

There will be puzzles to solve to obtain certain cards.


I will eventually hold an art submission contest where I will be using your OC's and turning them into Trump Cards with in the game. If I get an overload of OC's then I may make their own set with the best submissions as Trump Cards and the others as regular cards with rarity levels.

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