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Hey everyone hope you're having a good day. 

Im extremely new to sprite work but I really wanted to make a set of undertale weapons for a small personal project I am working on. Ill be adding A blue papyrus bone,The human weapons and any others I can think of over the next few days. Id love for any critique on the work as im still learning all the ins and outs. also feel free to make requests. 

Feel free to use these in your projects and the original designs were made by toby fox.
Edit: If it glows red it's evil (added the Real knife - Red version based on the steam badge artwork)

post-16420-0-95928300-1471067573_thumb.pngpost-16420-0-05241600-1471067580.gif Asgore's Trident
post-16420-0-13811100-1471067620_thumb.pngpost-16420-0-81371700-1471067638.gif Undyne's Energy Spear
post-16420-0-40038400-1471121698_thumb.pngpost-16420-0-08440100-1471121685.gif Metatton's leg?
post-16420-0-39290800-1471307805_thumb.pngpost-16420-0-52613000-1471307853.gif True enging bosses Sword
post-16420-0-26413500-1471067648.gifpost-16420-0-13580500-1471067658.gif Mini Mettabot Icons
post-16420-0-55264700-1471067665.gifpost-16420-0-97313900-1471067670.gif Mini mettaton Icons

post-16420-0-65472000-1471312476_thumb.pngpost-16420-0-16414100-1471312485.gif A stick yo
post-16420-0-03753700-1471417274_thumb.pngpost-16420-0-96273000-1471417295.gif Toy knife
post-16420-0-34510300-1471411566_thumb.pngpost-16420-0-57864800-1471411580.gif The real knife


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Update: Added The true Ending bosses sword. 

I feel I could do better on this one as the shape was a real ass to work on but I really wanted to make it. So any feedback on how I could improve would be hugely appreciated. 

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