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Classical Age World aka CAW, open recruitment

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Greetings fellow game makers!


It has been over a year since I began the foundations for Classical Age World, and I could really use some people on the team. We have one person in greece on the team, whom is trying to make a career out of Uni time, and another person whom is exchanging ideas with me.


I have several blog entries on webs about the game, which can offer more information than I think is reasonable for this thread :)




A little bit about the game:


The player is dropped in Alaska in 50 BCE, and meets an Inuit whom provides assistance in learning to navigate the game, how to craft, how to level up skills in the skill tree, and how to explore and stay safe in a world full of issues which may never be solved.


There are 99 cultures in the game, and many languages. 63 factions compete for world domination, as they balance things like sanitation and taxation and production, as well as military and infrastructure. There are 36 independent cultures with no recognition of sovereignty.


The player must make decisions which can not only effect themselves, but the rest of the world in entirety.


There are 12 different Nationalities to choose from, which will determine which storyline is defaulted in terms of quests and adventures, as well as how all the NPCs interact with the player. Regardless of nationality, the player can earn titles and ranks within a culture/faction which enables things such as Employment opportunities, or the power to obtain land which is protected by the fielded armies of the governments in question; as well as reduce taxes levied on the player.


Please refer to the blog entries for more information.




I have Skype, Outlook, Gmail, and a dedicated Discord server for helping in coordinating with anyone interested.




This is a non-commercial project, as such there will be no payments provided to anyone on the team.




Scripters, Artists (tiles, sprites, battlers, splash screens, icons), Developers (this includes the creation of skills for the skill tree, quest lines, storylines, information about NPCs, idea generation), Composers (I myself know how to compose, but if you feel you can offer something for the project, you are more than welcome), Animators (cut scenes as well as skill animations).


Credit will be given to anyone who helps, even if they do not join the team.


I can be contacted immediately on Webs or Central @Chungsie.



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