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Steven, who is too tired with the life in the crowded city, decided to leave the city and move to a rural village called Sunray Village. Here he meets many people, each of them has their own story to tell. On his first day in Sunray Village, Steven meets an old man who has fainted on his farm and takes the man to the clinic. The man is too old to do jobs on his farm any more, so he permits Steven to live and work on his farm freely. Steven's farming story now begins...

  • Farming System coding by me! Yay!
  • Farm Decorating System. - You can build your dream farm from nothing.
  • Farm House Decorating. - Customize your house
  • I will update this more later.



Author's note

I code these stuff by myself. That's a big challenge for me. I also draw the tileset and plant sprites with my friend.

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Has had ample time to make Tsarmina's changes so locking and moving to the Dormant Games section.

If you feel like making the necessary changes to get this approved then pm me or report the thread.

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