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Forjerum - Create your MMO with RPG Maker VX Ace!

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Now anyone can create their own 2D MMO professional quality !

Finally Forjerum has its first official release , and this topic will make a beautiful apresentation about the project and its future.

What is Forjerum?
Forjerum is a basis for the creation of 2D MMO created using RPG Maker VX Ace as a component editing . It uses advanced customization methods and editing, accompanied by a safe and stable structure that true MMOs need.
Forjerum was based on the game Wing Of Misadventure , a true 2D MMO that was online for months without problems of stability or security.
Why should I choose Forjerum ?
A strong community support
Forjerum is an exclusive development of 4Tabern , which provide continuous support for the development of the project, besides bringing new updates over time , the promise we have , it is that the project never ceased to evolve.
The 4Tabern also counts a number of topics classes, extensions , tips and gimmicks to get the best of Forjerum Moreover, an active community means independent active development.
A basis for any professional MMO
As stated above, Forjerum was based on a true MMO that proved functional for months , and it is important to note that Forjerum not only was based as has also been developed on top of that MMO , its development will be safe and you need not worry about limits .
Friendly Technology
Forjerum has unique systems that make creating an MMO a simple exercise in creativity , in addition to having the RPG Maker VX Ace own editing methods , Forjerum has editing methods in really simple server!
Terms of permissive use
The 4Tabern has terms that allow the creation of games of all kinds , including for -profit , as long as you give credit to the author and 4Tabern .
See the license :
CC- BY- SA 3.0: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/
Developer's Friend
System extensions
With this feature , developers can create their own extensions modifying specific points on the server in its own .cs file.
This means that now will not have to work so directly on the server , and we can produce new systems without fear that they stop working in future releases of the project.
You can also find useful :
How to create a extension in Forjerum
Just Plug and Play
Moreover, with the system extensions, add new systems becomes a simple exercise of just importing script as in RPG Maker itself. Imagine a great system that makes Forjerum a true MOBA and can be included in your project with just a few clicks , and of course , if you want to remove , just delete it added .
New concept in creating 2D MMO
The Forjerum now becomes a basis to develop concepts that often exist only in Offline development, you do not find that simplicity and at the same time that level in any other MMO Maker 2D today .
Why RPG Maker VX Ace ?
RPG Maker VX Ace is the latest version of RGSS ( ruby game scripting system ) , and enables us to make the overall game manipulation of the process through DLL 's or own script in ruby ​​, to simplify , that means there will be no limits to the advanced developers , and not for our beginners.
Probably the most obvious question that arises from this is " Why not the RPG Maker MV ? "
The answer is simple , online games need a control that can be tricky for both indies developers reach through the web area , and that , of course, with an application on the desktop can take advantage of more advanced graphics technologies .
But it leave here said that with a good developer even Forjerum may work via the Web RPG Maker VX Ace own , so do not create limitations in your mind because they do not exist .
Forjerum currently is in BETA version 1 , and to realize the official version also will come many other versions . But it is no cause for concern today, we can say that Forjerum can now accommodate your project your problems.
If new updates arise , only the Core project will be changed , which means that if you develop it in the form of extension , you can track project updates without having to start their work.
You can obtain and follow the project on our GitHub repository , follow the link :

Link about the new version
How to make a translate extension
English extension

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