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TP Level

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Original request thread




TP Levels

Author: Tsukihime




This script extends the TP system by allowing you to specify arbitrary amounts of TP your actor can have, how much TP a skill costs, as well as influencing the damage of a TP skill by increasing your TP power level in battle.



  • Increase damage of TP skills by increasing TP power in battle
  • Customize TP cost and TP multiplier formulas
  • Adjust max TP based on actor level
  • Specify arbitrary TP cost for skills
  • Specify arbitrary TP gain for skills
  • Adjust max TP through script calls



TP Level is how much power you are using for your TP skills.

The higher the level, the more the skill costs, but the more damage you inflict.


You can increase/decrease your TP level in battle by going to the battle skill menu and pressing the S or A keys.


The formulas for TP cost and TP damage multipliers can be customized at the top of the script, but you are limited to formulas related to the TP level.


At the top of the script is a global TP table.

All actor TP availability will follow this table.


Just specify the level and the max TP


Skills that should use more than 100 TP can be tagged with


<tp: 300>


A skill can also have arbitrary TP gains


<tp-gain: 400>


The following script calls will adjust max TP for a particular actor, by ID:


maxtp_set(amount, actor_id)
maxtp_up(amount, actor_id)
maxtp_down(amount, actor_id)


I will extend this script to support more options if there are requests for it.




Script: http://db.tt/G2QvAiU7

Edited by Tsukihime
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Can you make it so a TP skill has a variable TP cost and is more effective the more TP you have?


Say an Actor can have up to 300 TP, but can use a Sword Skill for minimum of 100 TP. At 100 TP the sword skill would do 2x damage, but at 200 it would do 2.5x and at 300 it would do 3x, all which use up all available TP?

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Ya that seems pretty easy to add. It's just the damage formula that I have to come up with lol

Maybe required TP = 100% damage, and then the bonus damage is from the Consumed_TP / base_TP ratio?


Although you could possibly come up with some pretty crazy things accidentally like


base 10 TP

used 100 TP


10x damage?

Edited by Tsukihime

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I've updated the script with the actual TP Level feature that I wanted to write.


The idea is simple: you can choose how much power you want to put into your skill by increase your TP Level. By default your TP Level is 1, which is just normal damage.


By increasing it, you increase the cost of the skill, but you also increase the amount of damage you inflict.


The formula for TP cost and damage can be fully customized (but it's based on the TP level)


Only skills that use TP will be affected. So if you have a skill that doesn't cost any TP, then they will not receive any bonus damage.


You can customize which keys are assigned to the power-up and power-down functions.


By default they are A and S, and you use them in battle skill menu.

Edited by Tsukihime

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Feature Plus.


I am currently looking into your suggestion of consuming all TP and increasing the damage based on the amount of TP used.


I also want a nice graphic that will show you your current TP level. Maybe someone can make one for me.

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It refers to how much power you're putting into your TP skills.

Pretty much "power level"

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Rather than specifying a max tp for each level is there a way to make it follow a formula

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I don't know if this is an issue with your script or Yanfly's but one thing I noticed while using this script in unison with Yanfly's Battle Ace Engine script is that whenever I hit an enemy with its elemental weakness, the "Weakpoint" message that usually appears does not. It's kind of annoying so I was wonder if it would be possible for you to look into it.

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