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Use skill to push events away

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Hello guys!


I would like to ask some help regarding eventing. The thing is: I'm using an ABS, and I want to create a skill that push events away. Since the enemies are events in the map, I want the player to use a skill that hits the enemy and push it X number of tiles in the opposite direction. I'm using the Imperial Action System (It's in Portuguese); since it doesn't provide such function, I think it would be easier to event this than script it. So, could anyone help me? While I have some idea on how to make the event be pushed after being hit, I don't know how to make the specific event to be pushed when hit by the skill.

I was thinking in something like using a condition where if X skill is used, then Y event is pushed Z tiles alway, but I don't know how to make the event check if it has received the skill in the map to activate the scene of it being pushed back.


Anyway, thanks in advance!

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