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I've been pondering some fun, different weapons one could feature in a game. Not novelty items per sé, but weapons you don't normally see. I'm not talking about a one-off either. I'm talkin' about sets of weapons of increasing quality just like the traditional swords 'n' staves that will be used throughout the entire game. 


This one was the inspiration for this little exercise:


Lawn Darts. There's a lot of younger people here that might not know what I'm talking about hence the link. So basically javelins, but made mostly of plastic. Obviously this would be a ranged weapon. Different metal tips would provide increasing grades. Maybe better aerodynamics, too. Possible variations could be enchantments to give them elemental/status/debuff effects or simply dip 'em in poison.


Next up:


Darts. The ones you find in a bar. If anyone here has ever played Runescape, you probably have seen or used darts as a weapon. That is the only game I've ever seen them in. I liked their uniqueness. Same concepts for these as the lawn darts.


Blowguns. They shoot darts. (Anyone sensing a pattern here?) This weapon could be a combination of the gun and ammunition. Different styles of guns and types of darts could create some interesting combinations. 


Playing Cards. I have a somewhat specific idea in mind for these. The traditional way these are implemented is with some sort of "deck" system. Instead of that, each individual card is a separate and equipable weapon. Either they fire magic or manifest into an object i.e. sword, hammer, and strikes the enemy. The numbers represent the grade. Going all the way from 2 to Ace will take awhile so it'd have to be a pretty long game to implement this successfully. That's 15 grades. You could also add the Joker as an unpredictable weapon. The wildcard ;) If you really want to have some fun, even add the Instruction Card. Maybe it bores the enemy causing Sleep.


The suits present some fun possibilities. Four suits could be four different elements, but that's a bit cliché. I was thinking the shape of the symbol would represent the damage type. For example:


Club:         Blunt                                        Club:         Physical/Melee

Spade:      Pierce                       or           Spade:       Physical/Ranged

Diamond:  Slash                                       Diamond:  Magic/Melee

Heart:        Magic                                      Heart:        Magic/Ranged




Cookware. The obvious choices would various kitchen knives and cleavers. However, who wouldn't want to charge into battle armed with a frying pan or a skillet? There can be other edged weapons in the form of sharp tongs and corkscrews. A meat tenderizer can be another blunt weapon, and salad tongs could be... grabby? There could be ranged weapons, too. A salad shooter with various vegetables as ammo. Salt and Pepper shakers (or better yer, SHOTGUNS!). Even a shotgun that shoots flour all over the place. Why? For that pesky rogue that cloaks himself or supernatural entity that becomes invisible. Spray some flour all over the battlefield to cover the lil' bugger, and reveal their location. 



Animals. This is hardly a new concept. A Beastmaster/Ranger that summons animals to attack. Usually they are enemies or fierce animals like lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my! My idea was to have more ridiculous attacks. A starfish that flies at an enemy and attaches to their face, blinding them. An army of ants that swarm and deal damage over time and maybe lower a stat. A swarm of bees to sting the crap out of something and cause Poison. A scurry of squirrels (had to Google that one) to swarm and attack or simply distract the enemy with cuteness. Stuff like that. 



Instruments. This one isn't anything new either. It revolves around a vague game concept I had where the heroes are a metal band.

The singer would master different notes as he leveled to use new attacks. Maybe a mic stand as a melee weapon to boot. Then there's the lead and bass guitarists. Their axes would be melee weapons plus various riffs could be attacks. Much like the singer they master chords as they go on. Lastly there's the drummer who purely uses ranged attacks. He learns various trills and rhythms as he levels. The game would have a sort of ATB system. The player would have a certain amount of time to select all four members' attacks. Different combinations of attacks have different effects. Maybe add a rhythm/timing element where if you select the skill at the right time, you get a bonus. It's a vague idea, but that's the jist of it. 



I'm curious to hear your thoughts, comments, and ideas. C'mon community! Whadaya got?





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Ha! Lawn Darts! They never get old...


Hmm... Let's see...


Balls. Thrown around and deals light blunt damage. Has a chance to bounce on several enemies, dealing lighter damage with each bounce. Also has a very small chance to inflict Confusion on normal hit. If dealing a critical hit, the Confusion chance is a whole lot higher. Examples: Rubber Ball, Fire Ball, Space Ball.


Hand Fan. Deals slash damage. Has high critical rate. Examples: Windy Fan, Sunrise Fan, Ripper Fan.


Large Fan. Two handed weapon. Deals higher slash damage than Hand Fans and affects all enemies at the front row, but a tad bit slower. Also has buffed critical rate. Examples: Wind Goddess's Fan, Ogre's Fan, Giant Fan.


Candles. Can only be used by Fire Blowers. Most of them deal Fire damage. Some candles have distinct aromas that give them special effects. Examples: Candle, Toxic Candle, Aromatherapy Candle.

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I used a lot of cooking utensils (or food itself) for Sugar Sweet, hahaha~ It never gets old!


A couple other ideas?

Umbrella - if you've ever seen Neo from RWBY, that's always a cool idea. It can always be opened as a shield, or the tip can have a sharp blade for attacking/slashing/stabbing/etc.


Frying pans - Tangled reference, or maybe an Ashure reference, or maybe just a good old hit. (oh wait. I just saw you already mentioned frying pans lol)


Pens/pencils - This one is kinda weird, but I always imagined a kind of "harold and the purple crayon" thing, where you could draw your own weapons and they would become real and you could use them. It would be super hard to implement though.


Languages/letters - I wasn't sure how this would work either, but I'm guessing it would be useful for an educational game?


Roulette board - a bit of a wild card system, where you can gain skills and add them to the board for better chances at super awesome attacks (versus lame default ones).

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Ooo... Those are some good ones. 


Balls- The on;y game I've seen those was with the blitzballs in FF10. They make for a very unique character class. You could even expand that to a Juggler class,

Lots of balls!


Hand Fan- As soon as I read that I had flashbacks of playing as Kitana in Mortal Kombat :) She's a perfect example of how versatile they can be as weapons. Depending on how they're made, they can provide an effective and wide defense. For attacking there's the slashing attack of course, but you can also throw them, and even add some magic/supernatural elements with whirlwinds or razor shard wind blasts. Seriously tempted make this a class in my game. No... no... more ...reworking,,,


Candles- A fireblower would be an interesting character. Torches would work well, too. Their secondary weapon could be a bottle of booze for the the catalyst It may be tricky to create a diverse move set for them, but I'd love to see someone try.  :D


Umbrella- Princess Peach in Smash Bros. They could serve as weapons, shields, and even a tool outside of combat. Since I referenced Smash Bos, Let's throw a tennis racket and golf club in there, too.  :lol: Last, but not least, a hockey stick. Go Casey Jones on your adversaries! 


Frying pans- Yep I did mention 'em. Way to suck at reading, Tsar  :P Another one of Peach's weapons. I love the visual of charging at an enemy, frying pan in hand. What enemy would expect that? I saw a couple of your food weapons before. Very creative, but hard to work in unless you're game revolves around food.

Although a pineapple or a coconut could do some serious damage. 


Pens/Pencils- Haven't you heard? The pen is mightier than the sword  :P I can see a really nerdy character modifying these into a deadly weapon. 


Languages/Letters- Definitely could be used to teach kids to speel wrds and use grammar good. There's an anime called "Fairy Tail" where some wizards can write words and have them manifest into attacks. For example, scribing the word "Iron" to create a defensive wall or drop some heavy metal on someone's head.


Roulette Board- A vaguely recall a special attack that used on. I wanna say one of the Final Fantasy games, but I'm not sure. It'd be hard to work into a functional 

weapon used throughout a game, but could be an interesting special attack.



Very good ideas, guys. The gears in my mind are turning.  :)

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Tee hee! I had a fun idea about the fishing pole. It can "backfire: and you accident;y hook one of your allies  Yo yos are fun. Just ask Ness. Mine would have retractable spikes. not sure what air gear or leenalee is. Too lazy to research.


A giant rock? Why not? It do some damage for sure, and you can have various types and sizes.


Lantern. Worked out pretty well for Link. You could do some interesting things with light and fire with them. 


Umbrella/ We already covered these. Personally, I'm partial to the ones Penguin had that doubled as swords or machine guns. The ones from "Kingsmen" were pretty cool, too.

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