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Daena Grey

Seeking > He(Or She) who bends the art of drawing to their will.

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Hello hello, RPG Maker Central!


It has been quite some time since I last appeared, and so many things have changed-but what has not changed, is that I...


... I am still attempting to complete this project. After two to three years... I am still attempting to create a story-not exactly a fairy tale, I could say. And I have finally had enough of dealing with it alone-thus, my presence here is explained!



What I am looking for-is a man, or woman, or younger, with the talent to hold a pencil-or a brush, and create masterpieces. Or... Just greatness. I am a horrifying artist when it comes to such an art-And I wish not to dabble, as I have tried multiple times, failing, miserably.


The game I have attempted to create is set in a slightly dark atmosphere, although it tells of a fantastic and very anime-like story, coated in heroic moments and yet, tragic falls-and tales beyond dreadful.



What exactly am I Looking for, in specific?

  • Someone who is capable of drawing Character sprites-and animations/alternative stances. (In Example: Fighting Stances; Asleep; Dead; Unconscious; Casting and so on.)
  • Someone who is capable of drawing Facesets-That match the sprites.
  • Someone who is capable of drawing sketches-of events happening in-game, possibly anime-styled. (In Example: A Handshake between two characters meeting for the first time; The Main Villain towering over a Character, looking as menacing as ever.)
  • Someone who is capable of drawing Battlers-Battles do have quite the meaning, y'know? Especially when it's Kill or be Killed... (... Brb that is getting old)



But, that's about it I suppose. I cannot think of anything else-that I would require for my project. On a quick note-while I would love to hire professionals that can do masterful work and all-I am on such a limited Budget, and for such a restricted public, that I deem it not worth to waste the time of professionals. If a kind soul-with such skills, who does have some free time, would be both willing and able to join me in this Project, sharing some of their time to put their artistic talents to use, I would be most grateful. This has been one huge aspiration of mine-and I wish to see it through, to the very end.


With a courteous bow for having spent some time in reading this thread-I thank thee, reader, and eagerly await for the one who will aid me in reaching this goal of mine.


~Daena Grey/FreezeKirby.

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