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Need battle system done.

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The other scripts besides the battle system I needed have now been taken care of, I just need the battle system.

I will give 100 USD for the battle system.

Hello everyone. I'm looking to hire someone to create a script for a 2d battle system and a few other small things in RPG Maker VX Ace. here are the details:


These are the terms:





You will create the following script, and give me the rights to use it in my upcoming commercial game: Kid Hop-o Rising Star

the battle system discussed below



As payment, you will recieve $100 USD (via paypal. You must provide an email for me to send the funds to) after march 20th, or upon completion of the script,

whichever is the latter.

You may release the script i ask you to create  publicly for free for non-commercial use, as long as you give me credit for the idea behind the scripts. Do not release the scripts for commercial use. 


These are detailed descriptions of the script i'm asking you to create:


Alright, first of all, the battle system will be 2d, the player is on the right side of the battle scene. party member sprites will be 60x60 pixels in size, and enemies can range from 30x30 to 300x300 Secondly, both the party members and the enemies are animated. party members will have idle animations, they will have an animation for taking damage, status conditions, dodging, and they will have animations for all of their attacks. mostly party members will have roughly nine attacks.

enemies will have idle animations, attacking animations (enemies will have 1 to 7 attacks), and an animation for taking damage. I will be creating the sprites for all the party members and enemies.

Secondly, The party limit will be 3 in battle at a time, similar to super mario rpg. the three party members in the front of the player's party will be the ones battling. Hop-o, the main character and first member the player's party,will not be allowed to be swapped to a different position in the party, he will always be in front, and always be in battle. Hop-o will also be in the middle of the other two party members in battle.
Also, HP will be a shared quantity, whenever any party member takes damage, that damage is subtracted from the HP bar. The HP bar will be displayed in the corner during battle. HP can only be increased by finding items in the overworld that do so, leveling up any of the party members does not increase it.
gatXUxV.pngNext I'll go over the enemies turn. During the enemies turn he will, as usual, use one of his moves. The party member(s) he is aiming for will glow red. when a party member, or party members, are glowing red, you can press the spacebar to jump. If used with timing, the targeted party member(s) can avoid damage. Different enemy attacks will work differently, some attacks will be quick, and you have to think fast, others will strike multiple times, and you have to jump multiple times during it, others will aim upwards, meaning to avoid it you must not jump. And some will be combinations of those.

Also, some attacks, like regular, will aim for multiple party members. when multiple targets are selected, all the selected targets will glow red, and if you press spacebar, they all jump simultaneously. Attacks that aim for multiple party members are especially dangerous in this game, considering you have a shared quantity of HP.
Now I'l go over the player's turn. Just like regular, each party member gets a turn. Each party member will have two options for attack, Attack, and Special. Special moves are basically skills. Attack just uses a basic attack move. This move, unlike the others i'll be discussing in a bit, has no action commands.
Special moves, on the other hand, are a different story. They require MP to use (renamed SP in the game). The TP quantity shall be removed entirely. the MP quantity, unlike HP, will not be a shared quantity, and each individual party member still has their own quantity of SP. SP's of each party member will be displayed in the corner under the HP quantity, like in this picture.
And lastly, action commands. Basically, every attack that the player's party can use has an action command besides the basic attack discussed earlier. Action commands are input commands that will do the following two effect if pulled off correctly:
animation will change for the attack
either do more damage than usual, hit more times, or stop recoil. (depending on the move used, and the input type for action commands the move uses)

The two input types for action commands are as follow:

A timed button press: the improved command is activated if the button is pressed at the exact right time, changing the animation, and causing the attack to either do more damage, or stop recoil, depending on the move. if not pressed at the right time, your opportunity will close, and you then cannot try for the command again (as a measure to avoid people just spamming the button tell they get the command right)

Spamming button presses: in these types of commands, every time you press the button in a window of time, you will do the action one more time, causing you to do more damage to the enemy, or build up power, and unleash one powerful blow, with its power varying depending on how many times you pressed the button

in the window of time.



 I'd need the battle system, or at least a majority of it, done by the end of march 2017


Thanks for reading.



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