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Back after 2 years

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I'm back after 2 years in this forum and although I did want to learn some scripting or this kinda stuff that would allow me to create a game and have fun on doing it (because being honest I know I won't ever finish a game so it's just doing and doing and learning new things) I didn't dwell too much in it. So I'm asking since I saw there is a newer version of RPG Maker called MV, is it better than VX Ace?  Pros and contras? Thanks :)

I hope this time I can look better in this awesome forum and discover the creative people that habitates it ;)


I would like to add whether someone is actually doing a game (okay, I think in a place like there has to be plenty of people that's doing so xD) and accepts any kind of help I'd like to do so, although I haven't touched RPG MVXAce for a long time :)

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Oooh! A new old person! Yay! *sprinkles fairy dust on you*


I haven't used MV myself, though I know it uses JavaScript instead of Ruby and I think uses a more flexible layer system for maps maybe? Anyway, welcome back!

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From what I heard and saw, MV has generally better performance and the major difference is, that it uses JavaScript instead of Ruby. MV has better character generator and have toggle-able battle system (first person/side-view) programmed by default.

What Ace has that MV doesn't? Using Ruby language... aaaand that would be all I guess. ^^


Besides that, nothing comes to my mind at the moment.


Welcome back to the herd! (=

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