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In need of a scripter

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I'm not sure if this is the right forum, so if a mod is reading this, feel free to move it.


Me and my friends are working on a Sci-Fi RPG called Soul in the Machine. Its a story focused game that incorporates tactical elements into the various missions. So far, we have our own assets like sound and graphics handled and the story is coming along nice, however; we're lacking someone with know-how on RGSS3. I've come here to ask if anyone is interested on helping us out with our game. If needed, I can provide some more information about the game and our progress.

Some things that we need help on include GUI tweaking and simple battle system modifications. If you want to get in contact with us, let me know!

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To be honest it is and it's not.

There's a Recruitment-focused area perfect for this, but I can see why you have it posted in Theory and Development - Simply because the recruitment area is located in Resource Section, that doesn't have anything to do with scripts, which is confusing. So, no wonder why you have posted it somewhere else.


I think, that the Recruitment area should be moved to Developer's Corner as it would be more accurate there, because at the moment it's confusing even for me.


So for now, I have moved this thread to Recruitment.


Anyway, worry not! Everything is okay!


Welcome to the herd and good luck! (=

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Hello, GenerationACID.


Here's the battle system you wanted, or at least something close to it. The scripts the demo contains should be "plug and play" ready for your project.




Combat window:





the "Figure 2" is automatically cleared when choosing the target of the command, so that it doesn't cover an enemy,





"Figure 2" works for any number of party members, provided you have the art in your "Pictures" folder in the format on the demo.





Dialog (needs to be evented in the "Troops" database tab):












If you choose to use it, credits for that goes as follows:

Free to use, non-commercial and commercial:

Yanfly - Ace Core Engine, Ace Battle Engine, Victory Aftermath, Message System

Galv - Double Message

Mezzolan - Arrow fix for Victory Aftermath


Not free to use:

Element - Active Battler  ***note: this is part of a demo in Luna Engine, which needs to be bought to have the license to use on your projects***


The bust art is made by Archeia, you can find more on her site:



Credit to me is not necessary since I didn't really do much, but I appreciate it anyway.

Good luck on your project, I'm interested in seeing it later. Send me a pm if you need anything else (keep it simple, please, I'm a novice scripter at best).

Edited by Cyon

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Not at the moment, the victory aftermath screen will only tell the player which skills were unlocked by level up.


You can pre-define these skills unlocked with level at the classes or actor tabs, but they'll be unlocked as soon as the player gets to the specified level.

If you want the player to instead be rewarded skill points to choose from a skill tree, it's also doable, but that will need another script.

Edited by Cyon

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