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Well, here I am..

I am known as Squishybrick, but you can call me squishy.
In some circles, though, I am referred to as "The wary traveler"

I come to various forums for two reasons.. To explore and observe the depths of human behaviour,
and release something I've made specific to the community.

The chance of me succeeding either wholly depend on the hospitality of the forum itself..
Most of the forums I've been to weren't exactly the fluffiest pillows in the laundry basket, but I've
been told holding a low opinion from the start due to past experiences only invites hostile behaviour,
so for my and other's sake, I'll stick my neck out and assume this forum is completely immaculate, and thus
are those who operate it.

That being said, hello.

I use RPG Maker VX Ace.. I've played RPG Maker for a very very long time, dating back to "RPG Maker" for the PS1.

My hobbies include modding/making/playing games, gunsmithing, and getting into debates over what is accepted
as moral human behaviour, with people whom are typically "risky" to debate with..

If all goes as planned, I will release a game to this forum, for all to play.. For free! But don't assume that because
it is free, that it is insubstantial.. I've worked many dozens of solid hours on it, and will be happy to share with this
community, if nothing goes awry..

Here's hoping.

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Rensje? I looked up the name and I ended up with a shaggy-haired female who's apparently the ambassador of delegation at EU Delegation to nepal.

Unless maybe you mistook me for someone else or if that name is some kind of meme or slang term, I'm not sure I recognize the meaning behind it.


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