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hi guys,


so i bought the software today (for steam) and it was working great, i used it for hours and it was flawless but then out of nowhere it froze when i tried to make an event, had to task manager close it, re opened and it worked for like 10 seconds and froze again, and again and again..... so i cant use it anymore..


anybody know how to fix this issue? i would really appreciate it if somebody could help me out  ..  TT . TT

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Could it be related to the event?  Does the crash come when you play-test?


One of the things that everyone finds out by bitter experience is that if you have an event with an 'autorun' trigger, the event keeps running itself continually (unless it is turned off) causing the play-test to freeze.


The commonest way to get an 'autorun' event to switch off is to have it set either a switch or a self-switch when it has done whatever you want it to do.  You create another event page that is not 'autorun' but that is triggered by whichever switch or self-switch the auto-run page set.  The page that isn't autorun has to be to the right of the autorun page (for instance, if the autorun page is the first then the non-autorun page is second).


Autorun events are  useful, for instance for cut-scenes and introductions, so it is worth persevering with them.

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