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Why, hello there everyone

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Hello, who ever may have stumbled across this.

as you can guess, I am quite new here, how ever I have been using RPG Maker for some time (since RPGM VX), though i still understand very little about it.

i am currently working on a game now with the running title "Jobs" despite been my first serious project, i'm hitting hard with it, as I am using a lot of DLC (been the "POP Horror" packs and "Kahs Ultra Lighting" plus a lot of music packs) and i am planning on using some custom stuff that I'll be making.


So as a introduction-al question;
what programs are good for making custom sprite set/tile sets for VX Ace/MV?

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First; welcome to the community!


Making games is always nice and that sounds like a good combo, POP Horror and the Ultra Lights :)


Anything is good for making custom sprites/tiles for VX Ace/MV. Even paint! You can get Photoshop, Gimp, Photofiltre, Paint.NET, Spriter, pixel-art only software, but it will always depend on your skill (though if you use paint, you need to use another software like Photoshop or Gimp or whatever that works with layers to remove the background!)!

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One of us, one of us....


Yeah, like Flashy said, any art program really. GIMP and Paint SAI seem to be the most popular in the community but whatever you feel most comfortable with will be what's best for you so give them all a try; since they each have nuances you'll probly want to keep a couple installed for accomplishing different things anyways.

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Personally I use GIMP. Years ago back when I was running Win XP and I was a total noob at any art, I wanted to make some tiles for my Mario Mappack, but XP's Paint didn't support transparency (I don't think it could export to .png?), so I looked up for a free program that would do this and that's how I got introduced to GIMP. Now when I got used to that by the time, I decided to stick with it. All the graphics I've made for my games, signatures etc. are made in GIMP. (=


Good luck and Welcome to the herd! (=

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