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Mario is evil, Mario is bad,

he do kill turtles for his fun,

He do takes evil things like drugs,

Magic powerups make him high!

Because he is a evil man,

He hates every animal,

Look; he's fricking mad,

and he things he's right!

Now kids, listen to me,

Don't copy this psicopath,

Because money isn't like that,

It's harder to gain it; you brats!


We know, Mario hates life,

he want you to stab a knife

into your family eyes,

don't play this subliminal crap!



Ritual of pain, sadistic ceremony,
with their body tied down to the floor
we will grab our enemies, Sony...


There are more foes, let say four,
Sega, Microsoft, Ubisoft, and that one,
This will be nintendo, nintendo war!


M16; for their games we'll push guns,
We'll kill 'em ti'll they cry for mercy,
This is our evil prosatanic sadistic fun...


So the TV is saying: "This is

We know this is only a trash cleaning,
Mario is killing sonic, no hidden meaning,
There's only violence for you and for me!


Samus is now a fricking neo killing machine,
Pokemons are beast that loves crappy meat,
Nintendo will be our lifetime super queen!


We'll kill you,  we'll gonna that shitty ass beat,
Nuclear super nintendo atomic invasion!
We're NSC, the real kvlt vidogame elite.


Now, what will you do? Bring us a donation?
frick off; you fuckers, we're the fricking lords
and we won't accept that useless persuasion.


frick Sony, frick Sega, frick Ubisoft,
frick gamers, frick games, frick the scene
and what we wanna hear: "frick Microsoft!",
this is whay we need to stop our Spleen...


I'm sorry if you don't like my poems but they are just for the sake of fun

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