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Eric Matyas

Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

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Happy September, everyone!

I have some new seamless images for your projects on these pages:


You can access them, as well as my 4000+ other images, from here:


If anyone needs texture maps (like normal, specular, etc.,) just let me know. 🙂

Enjoy and please stay safe.

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What's up everyone?

I just uploaded some new free texture images for your projects. They are on these pages on my website:

BARK (Artistic)

BRICK (Artistic)

Access the from here:



If you happen to need some free Funny/Quirky/Weird music, higher-quality Ogg tracks are now available on my Funny  pages 1-3  (as well as  Funny 7 and 8.) I'm working to make them available on all of my Funny pages.

In the meantime, if you think my free assets are helpful, please consider making a small donation on my site to help support my efforts. Thanks in advance! 


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