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My name is Bic.  I've not been using RPG maker for very long, but I've been pretty quick to learn the ins and outs of the system.  I started with RMVXA then moved on to RMMV because I find java to be a lot easier to understand, as well as because I like a lot of the improvements made over VXA *cough character generator and built in side view cough cough*.  I'd say that I'm best with eventing and plugin usage.  I've never really had too much time to really get in to the graphical side of things, and my story telling is lackluster at best in my opinion.

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Luckily there's plenty of free resources for graphics. Storytelling is something you either have to work at or kidnap hire a writer.

Writing is one of my strong suits. I;d be happy to critique some stuff for you.



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