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Sovereignty: TCG

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Downloading this as we speak! It looks very fascinating :) I'll let you know what I think~


Edit: Never mind, the download won't work with this cruddy internet x.x I'll test this out ASAP, though! Sorry :(

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Ah, I look forward to the feedback, thanks both!


It shouldn't be too much bother to download I hope; its only about 35mb uncompressed.

Either way, once you've got it then the game should only take about ten minutes to play a couple of skirmishes and see most of the cards.

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Yeah it's small, the only problem is, my internet is super slow and disconnects constantly x.x However, I'll still be checking this out ASAP!

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Bomb scare on my street last night and I'm still putting builds up; how's that for dedication. Here's the latest: https://www.dropbox.com/s/umc5zeemycj57z8/Sovereignty%20V3.2.2.exe?dl=0

There's about a half dozen more Command cards. Card pool is 69 now :rolleyes: . Here's a rundown of the new cards:


Momentum: The selected troop gains 10 dmg for every troop it kills.

Anaesthesia: No damage calculation occurs when the selected troop is destroyed.

Corpse Corps: Deals 10 direct damage for every troop in your graveyard

Revenge: Adds 10 dmg to a selected troop for every troop in your graveyard.

Army of the Dead: Select a troop card in your graveyard and shuffle it into your deck.

Ennervating Enzyme: Select an enemy troop and reduce its dmg by 50.

Mutual Strike: Select an enemy troop and every time it attacks the user suffers 30 damage.


(A few of these have placeholder cards that just say what they do without artwork. Haven't been in much of a GIMPing mood)

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Momentum: The selected troop gains 10 dmg for every troop it kills.

Revenge: Adds 10 dmg to a selected troop for every troop in your graveyard.

My favorite cards.  :wub:


I gave it a decent try and the game is really nice, though at the moment it's not balanced well.

Basically the issue is, that the summons don't have their own HP.


If enemy will throw a summon with 90 attack power, then there's no way to beat it - unless you'll throw a legendary card with 200 attack power* or use the spell cards, that I've mentioned as my favorites. Though now on the other hoof, when one of your minions will get their attack power to 100 or more, then enemy is completely hopeless.


* - 90 is the maximum attack power from what I've noticed, unless raised using spell cards or having that legendary one in deck.


The problem is, that you need more attack power than enemy in order to be able to do anything to him. If you'll try to attack enemy with 90 attack power with your minion having 80, then your character will lose 10 HP and that's the only thing that happens. Even if you'll attack that enemy 100 times, you'll be only losing 10HP for each attack. That's why it's better to skip turns unless you can get more than 90. - Even enemy skips his turns, when your first summon has more attack power than his, so a good strategy is to put a summon with 90 attack power on your first slot. Then, the enemy will not do anything to the very end of the battle, because he can't get more than 90, due to not having spell cards at all. (?)


All the summons, that have less than 90 attack power are pretty much useless, where the weakest ones with 30-50 do nothing, besides self-destruct, because most likely you won't be able to do anything with them except losing HP for trying to attack. The only usage I found with the weaker summons is to bring them up and wait for enemy to kill them to fill the graveyard in order to make Revenge spell card more powerful. Besides that, there's really no point to even bring them up.


You can even beat the enemy with a single card - the legendary one, that has 200 attack power. It will be enough to kill 9999 enemy's minions and the enemy himself. It is even possible without that legendary card - having one with 90 attack power and a spell card, that will raise the power by 10 points (there's even no need for more) - this will be enough to make the enemy completely hopeless.


One card with 100 attack power will be more than enough to kill every single minion with 90 or less, without losing anything. That one summon will literally eat every single minion, that the enemy will throw - and that's the issue. Once you'll get the mechanics, it becomes too easy. You can literally completely block the enemy without any effort.


Besides that, it's really well done. It could become a really decent game if some nice features would be added such as actually exploring the world, collecting cards, fighting with actual enemies and perhaps having some story behind it - even RPG-like one.


This project has potential and is fun to play already - keep it up!  :)

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So, there's a couple of things I wanted to point out about your analysis that aren't wrong about 'what you're playing' (the build) but will be wrong about 'the game' (my view of the finished product).

Firstly, there's availibility of cards. Right now, you have everything; all the 90 dmg cards, all the tribute summons (there's more than just the 200 dmg one), all the Command (spell) cards. That won't be the case in the future when the game has a larger card pool and the player starts with a specific 30 card deck (which will be determined by the class selection during the intro sequence). Now, over the course of a playthrough when a player has spent a lot of time collecting cards this issue would arise again, so it is something that should be figured out for sure.


Btw, I've built in quite a lot of ways to beat a 90dmg card, mostly in the form of Command cards; Neutralise, Hurricane, Assassination, Russian Roulette, Turncoat, just, lots. I promise you that with a little more familiarity with the game you'll be laughing at 90dmg troops ;)


Enemy players don't have complete decks yet. They've only got 13 cards (Heck, all four are duplicates except one I changed the skin on the troops). I guess I'll fill these out over the weekend to make the demos more fun. So, yeah, next time you play the enemy will use some command cards and summon the bigger tribute troops ('Officers', to use the in-game syntax; yeah, learning it is annoying :3 ). 


Similarly, the enemy not attacking when there's a powerful card in the first slot. Well, I'm not surprised a clever pony like yourself picked up on it. I've been trying to rewrite that bit so every enemy troop looks across your row of troops for the strongest target it can destroy (which it kind of does in the build you have now, but not properly) but eh, kind of hit a bit of a snag so I just did oher stuff since the game is not short of other work.


As for weaker cards, they do have purposes but its up to you to find them. A very basic example would be capitalising on Influence:Slots (you have free slots but you dont have much Influence) :

So, you have two Officers summoned using up 45 Influnce. Getting an extra hit in with that 5 Influence, 50 dmg card in your hand isn't such a bad idea.

Or a classic in other TCG's:

Your Officer Troop requires a tribute to summon. You've got one of those decent 90dmg cards on the field, you' ve got some Influence spare and a 3 Influence, 30 dmg card in your hand. Summoning the latter card for tribute means you get to keep the 90dmg card on the field alongside your officer.

Now, these are super obvious tactics. Part of the fun of a TCG is figuring out your own weird build (like, when I was designing Revenge I could see someone building an entire deck around that card), to do that I have to give the player options, and 'weak' cards are an option.




So, err, that went on longer than I thought. The TLDR is pretty much that the ease of gameplay you're feeling is more because the enemies aren't well-made rather an imbalance in the cards themselves (although I'm sure that's part of the problem; it seems unlikely I would get such a crucial thing right first time).This is exacerbated by the player also having access to all the cards which they won't when I make a large enough card pool (I suppose I could make the specific class-based decks now although I would prefer less overlap for distinction).


I'd been focussing more time on aesthetics of late because, well, that's what people asked for (except for the new cards, that was totally for my enjoyment). I really can only spare a handful of hours a week on this so sorry the uploads aren't more substantial. I will make the game more worth your time soon!


(I'm really glad you liked some of the new cards btw, I've got a big list with more quirks and variety than those two planned.)

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Well yes, I can imagine it all will be changed in future, though I kinda wanted to bring that up anyway.


Btw, I've built in quite a lot of ways to beat a 90dmg card, mostly in the form of Command cards; Neutralise, Hurricane, Assassination, Russian Roulette, Turncoat, just, lots. I promise you that with a little more familiarity with the game you'll be laughing at 90dmg troops ;)

Yup, thanks to these there are some tricks to do.  ;)

Laughing at 90dmg troops? I only need 1 or 2 cards to laugh at enemy and everything he has, so I know what you mean.  :giggle:


Nah, I'm just kidding. I can see how things will be working in future, but literally one thing worries me - that you can easily destroy everything with a single troop. It focuses on attack power; nothing else. The one who will get more attack power wins - as simple as that. Buuuuuuuut - as you've mentioned before, command cards may turn things upside down. However, when battlers would be lacking of them - then nothing will help them. One stronger summon is enough to make the player completely invulnerable. Being first to summon and enhance a troop may be the key to win - if you'd enhance your troop with Momentum and Revenge and get a decent amount of attack power, then it would require the same combination for enemy to be able to deal with it... or a special command card. Anyway all the summons would be pretty much useless when not having anything to buff them up.

Even if enemy would ruin your plans by destroying a summon with the momentum and revenge combo, then you'd be doomed, unless having more of these to do that again.  It still would focus on a single troop with high atk - the others would be only kind of supportive if there would be no troops in enemy row.


I was just thinking, if balancing the summons themselves wouldn't be a good idea - at the moment high-atk ones wreck everybody - what if they'd have a limited amount of HP? Enemy having more of weaker ones would still have the chances..

Though the more I think of that, the more strategies I can see. With a decent number of various command cards it could be an interesting battle, where you couldn't expect anything. Everything would be flipping each turn.


At the moment it's fairly simple to come up with a strategy, that will totally wreck the enemy, but it really has a potential, so future updates will surely make the game challenging.  ;)


Aaaaanyway, that's true I can't judge anything yet, as everything is under development, so I'll just wait patiently. I just wanted to mention these to make you aware of things, but I believe you have everything planned.  :P


Either way, no worries! I generally liked the game and I'm really curious to see how it will turn out in the end. :) ~And remember, that there's no need to haste.  ;)  

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No, all feedback is good feedback and I wouldn't say I had everything figured out. Or rather, that what I have in mind isn't necessarily the right way to proceed; the game would already be very different,and probably even less interesting, if some people hadn't made certain suggestions at the right times.

I think maybe though, I just should have waited longer to release a demo. Because now I feel obligated to release new builds frequently as things get closer to what I want the game to look like...but then each new build still isn't very close at all, and most problems remain due to lack of development... so I have to release another build in some vain attempt to escape people forming opinions with a potentially inaccurate view. Oh well, no choice but to just keep plugging away.


My incompetence aside, can you further explain what you think about hp? There are three ways I could see so I'd like to know which you mean (or if its some other way):

-Universal health: Every troop has x health. Eg. a 3 Influence card has 50hp and a 9 Influence card has 50 hp.

-Specific health: Troop's have a health stat specific to them. Eg. a 5 Influence card may have 50hp and 5dmg but another 5 Influence card may have 40hp but 6 dmg.

-The existing dmg stat is reused as health: Eg. if a 30dmg troop attacked a 90dmg troop then the 90dmg troop would be reduced to 60dmg.

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Been working on this again recently. Not going to share just yet as I want to fix the AI which currently does something that's accidentally quite brilliant; if it can't make a decent move it just does nothing and waits you out xD

I intend to have a new version out by the end of the year though. This biggest addition is an in-game tutorial, at players request, and I'd love feedback on that when the time comes as so much of the game is obviously intuitive to me.


Also, not only is there another game called Sovereignity, but now another RM game called Sovereignity ¬.¬

I guess that's fine since the direction has shifted a lot from how it was first conceived about a game played amongst kings.

Here's the fun consequence; if someone suggests a name I like by christmas they can have a free game. I'll pm the winner a list and they can pick one or two that they want.


Well, best get back to it. Have a good weekend all :)

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Sooo. I haven't done any work on the AI this week. I'm sure I'll still get a new demo by year end, although ideally I wont have to rollback the AI to do so.

I have made 8 new command cards though, so the card pool has reached 80. Just been in the mood to muck around with GIMP lately :3

Also planned a few small tweaks to make the next demo feel closer to the finished product. They should only come to most of a day total. Oh, what's that? I have a day off tomorrow? Well, isn't that something.


Haven't thought any further on a new name so the little game mentioned above is still open ;)

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EDIT: Gave this a bout of testing earlier and, tbh, it is incredibly unstable and I wouldn't recommend playing it, atm. I'll leave the link up as it is possible, if you get very lucky, to play without issue but I'd only suggest doing so to new viewers who just want an idea of how the game runs. A link to an older stable build can be provided on request. I'll keep trucking though and let you guys know when its in a playable state again T_T


There's quite a lot to get through and I'm pretty tired so I'll condense it down for now. Here's the link for the new build first of all: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hr65nx4s6nhcvwc/Sovereignty V4.exe?dl=0



The elephant in the room. Some progress made. Targets much more, well, intelligently. Can also play a handful of command cards now but needs revision before they play them optimally. One half-built deck is still shared by all enemies and is really intended for the fellow in the hat.


Well, it exists. You can watch it from the title screen.


There's a handful more of those pre-Skirmish VNesque cutscenes. Also added an option for skipping them to spare you my lousy writing. Oh, and I crudely animated them talking :3



You can now remove cards from your deck in deckbuilding. There's also a little tally in the top right so you know how many cards are currently in your deck. The stats screen is also up and running. Here's a thousand words: 8cgmG84.png


Since the last release there's an additional 13 command cards,as detailed below. A few are based on drawing but there's some cool ones in there :P



Camouflage: Select a card. Whenever this card is attacked flip a coin, if heads the card is destroyed, if tails attacked is avoided.

TelescopicSight: Select a card with a dmg of 50 or below. This card can attack directly.

Erupt: Flip a coin, if heads reduce the dmg of all enemy troops by 20.

Enfeeble: Select a card. The next time this card is attacked it is destroyed. Standard damage calculations apply.

InterceptOrders: Select an opponents summoned troop to control for the remainder of this turn.

ImposedMartyrdom: The user discards a card from their hand and draws a new one.

FreshDispatch (no artwork): Player discards their hand redraws the same no. from their deck

PrivateParty (broken currently): All summoned troops with dmg greater than 50 are returned to the users hand.

Pillage: The user discards a card from their hand and draws two cards.

Mercenary(lvl1): Summons a token with 50 dmg to field.

DiplomaticStrike: The enemy's Influence regen is stalled for five turns.

ExtraRations: The user discards a card from their hand and draws a new one. (different Influence cost to ImposedMartyrdom)

Burst: Select a card. This card gains 100 dmg for the rest of this turn and loses 150 afterwards.



And then there's just the misc stuff like bugfixes and that nifty little animation at the start of Skirmishes.



So, what's next? Well, there's some stuff in this post that still needs finishing like the cutscenes and card bits. Also concerned making so many changes in so brief a time will have made the game less stable so I'm going to have a few lengthy testing sessions.

As for the long-term though, I'll be upping the AI while finishing/personalising each enemy's decks and I'd also like to redesign the cards to look less 'made by me'. So that should keep me busy for a while. Also liked an idea that @Takeo212 suggested, iirc, about card rarity that wouldn't take too long to implement.



rjwcmervkeofmw,erw,hdewvdemr n w;clmwrovqpdmfgvc p2gvcmeqfcm

Sorry, head hit the keys. G'night.

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Never got 'round to fixing this until just now. So here's the link for working (hopefully!) build: https://www.dropbox.com/s/c7fx1x0tyf3e6g5/Sovereignty V.Chibs.exe?dl=0


Tbh, I'd been feeling so terrible about stopping working on it when it was in such a state that I kind of tried to distance myself even further. Not great logic, obviously. But now that everything's a-ok I'll probably get to work on it again.

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Three weeks already huh? No wonder I have so much stuff to show off here.




I've added an icon to the overworld so folks know where to buy booster packs from. Also animated those icons. Just 'cause.

The big thing though is the change to all the menu screens (except the inventory, which I haven't gotten 'round to yet)



Dont they look gorgeous? Well a big shout out to @Rikifive who basically took my garbage and made it infinitely better; Going to add you to the credits as a (far too small!) token of appreciation. Thanks again, bud.





Now here's where stuff gets good.

Ever notice how every trading card game focusses entirely on the combat? Really. I'm pretty sure this has never been put in a digital TCG; its crazy huh?


Implemented @Takeo212's card rarity suggestion. Also used it to piggyback a doubler check for collector types.

The AI's a little better again and can play two more command cards and can play more cards per turn (there's a bit of a graphical glitch in that regard where it looks like its getting multiple turns but I'll have that fixed soon, promise!)

There's also a further 11 additions to the cardpool (93 total) with a pretty even split between troop and command cards since I'd only been adding command cards for a while. (Not in this update but I also have plans for a new type of card which has a lot of promise so keep your eye open for the next update)



Hmm, I know there's been other stuff but I can't remember it. Well, you'll see if you play I guess. As ever, thoughts, feedback,bug reports all hugely appreciated.

Here's the new link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mzv8r5s6rlyfwfv/Sovereignty V5.exe?dl=0

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Some nice progress you've got there and honestly, three weeks is like nothing. :P 


Card rarity is a nice addition I think.


Heh, the menus were just quickly made sketches on top of your screenshots, so some poor editing can be seen here and there. If you'd like to use these, I could provide you some separate files for things to allow you to configure it all more accurately and make some changes if needed, as at the moment it is noticeable, that things are slightly off. :P 

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I had a suspicion Riki had a hand in helping with that menu. The amount of purple gave it away hehe.

The card image behind the trading screen could maybe be transparent a little. Reading the card names over them is a little bothering since the text is so thin and on a bold background. This is a personal opinion however.


Overall, this looks really good so far. I'm off work tomorrow, so I'll be sure to check out your updated version. It's been a long time since I played an VX/ACE game :P

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Actually the purple color scheme and the background-texture were all Tarq's design. ;) All I did is to just rearrange things a little and give them more variety, such as tabs and stuff to cover certain parts of the background to give more spotlight for displayed information. :P


I do agree with Takeo, that the cards in background indeed could be a little bit more transparent. These make the text slightly harder to read. That's what I had in mind when making the sketches.



Speaking of these images; I think yours would work better (for example these at the bottom), rather than my drastically upscaled tiny pixel icons. :P


or... something else came to my mind- perhaps putting the preview of the currently selected card somewhere would be a good idea? It could be even put as that semi-transparent card image. That could make it look better as well as make the cards slightly easier to recognize for the player. :P 



Either way, I do like the progress you're making with the game. I'll wait for some more updates for the game to get more stable, then give it another legit try once I'll find some time. c:


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Just dropping by to say Sovereignty now has over 100 cards! (read: 101)

I'm not providing a new build today as the new cards need more work done but I will show the new card type I mentioned in the last update. Battlefield cards!


...yes.Trow cards. Can't count to trow yet? GitGud.

M5Gdaxw.png  (I dont have a background for this one yet)

Each of these cards make some slight changes how the game is played and can have a significant impact on playstyle/deckbuilding. The change in background image was just for funsies :P.


I also have plans for another new card type that is going to do way more to up the strategy and dynamics but that is going to require some big changes to the base systems which I'm not willing to mess around with for, jeez, at least another week :3

Man, how far this has come since the first prototype.

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I wanted to make the game a little more UX-friendly this time around so here's a list of some of the changes in that regard:


-The total filesize for the game is about 40% of what it was previously. There's room to reduce it further but it'll take a little more legwork.
-Changed all the cutscenes/tutorial to have player input instead of autorun.
-Streamlined the load option from the title screen so that it goes straight into the game instead of having to go to another screen to select the savefile.
-I added some graphical transitions between screens after seeing that nifty tutorial of TheoAllen's.
-In skirmishes the game will automatically skip your engage phase if you don't have any troops summoned to spare you the extra effort.
-Defeated troops in the graveyard stop moving. Something @RoooodWorks said in their LP that, while it never bothered me previously, made too much sense to ignore afterward.
-Various windows have been resized/moved around to look slightly nicer as well.
-There's these little card icons that @Rikifive intended to be used in the menus...and now they are! (mostly)



There's new cards ofc. Not just those Battlefield cards above but also Counter cards. Counter cards work like Command cards but can only be played in response to something your opponent plays (dw, the game prompts you when its okay to play them). All the new cards are available for free by going to the card shop (...the, uh, person(?) whose face is a card on the overworld).


Actually, Provoke is not available to play yet, still needs work.




The really big news though is that the game is now BUG FREE!!!

Okay, not quite. But all the problems that caused it to crash or sieze up during skirmishes have been solved thanks to some rejigging of the base systems while I was implementing the Counter cards. There's still some minor stuff with certain cards but I'd be surprised if anyone ran into anything serious this time.


What's that? A link, you say? Well. Alright. Just this once: https://www.dropbox.com/s/h7kvn01eui6bcqe/Sovereignty V.5.1.exe?dl=0

Don't tell your mother.

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Time for another update by my reckoning. (Its a touch slimmer this time around as I was a little unwell for a couple of weeks.)

First things first. Here's the new link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qk34qrdvdmfsrvl/Sovereignty V5.2.1.exe?dl=0

So, my favourite thing with this update is the basic time/day system I put together. It gives the player a slight suggestion of progression and allows me to make a few time-based events like weekly tournaments and card giveaways. You can see the first system in place actually; that card with a name next to it is a targetted skirmish and you get double moneys for winning in time :)



The enemy AI can play three more cards; Two Counter cards and a Battlefield card. I'll probably start work on customizing the enemy decks/AIs for the next updateso it should be actually fun to play pretty soon.
There's also that new shop I linked a vid for a while back:


There's a few new cards ofc:


Its a particularly bad update for card art

:( Hpxl7Fx.png

And, finally, the usual polishing and bugfixes.

As ever, thoughts, feedback, a savoury biscuit on a brisk Tuesday afternoon, all these things (and many more besides) are appreciated.



There's a bit more to this update in this second spoiler. I've wrote it a few times now and for some reason the unspoiler after the YT link just...isn't working?

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The AI is now seven cards smarter and finally has a full deck of 30 to play with so I thought it worthwhile to provide a new build. I doubt I'll provide another now until I've given every NPC a personalised deck (which could take a while).

In other news, free card Wednesdays is now a thing. Just pop along to the shop on that day for a booster of your choice.

And then, just to flesh out this post a bit, here's the title screen and trailer I made recently :)









If you want to give it a go then here's the new link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jrzc6tjjwhxe63b/Sovereignty V5.2.2.exe?dl=0

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