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hello guys

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Hello Uran here. I'm a newcomer here. 

Actually I'm making a huge RPG game using rpg 2k3 called Skydancer :) I will create the topic as soon as possible :)



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Hello hello!
I'm pretty sure you can, but you just got confused. (=
Everything to know about posting your games:

How Can I Post My Game?

When trying to post a game, you may get confused when you'll find out, that you can't make new threads, but the truth is, that you can. Just follow the little guide below.
> If you don't have much or any progress and just want to discuss the idea of your game, post in Theory and Development
> If you have got the idea, started working on your project and have some screenshot-able progress done with or without a working demo, post in Games in Progress*
> If you want to post a completed game, post in Completed Games*
* - You cannot post your projects directly to these areas, instead of that you need to post your game in All Game Submissions, where it will have to be approved by a moderator and then moved to appropriate area (Games in Progress or Completed Games) if all requirements will be meet. Remember about tags.
 1KHxxtz.png NOTE   Your project thread can be moved between areas anytime, when you'll get to the next step with the game development. Just notify a moderator.

 eQYSUUc.png HINT   Please make sure to read the rules, follow the blueprints and tag your threads properly to avoid your game threads getting 'stuck'. However, don't be afraid of making a mistake, if something will be incorrect and/or missing, a moderator will help you to fill the thread with necessary information. It will be approved later, once requirements will be met. You can find these rules/blueprints in each section.


Good Luck!


Hope that helps and welcome to the herd! (=

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