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contest The One Map Challenge

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​The One Map Challenge


​​The Basics:

​​I wanted to create a contest targeted at, but not exclusive to new rpg maker devs.  We've all been there:  our first project... we have no organization, we have a plan that's too ambitious, and we have no idea where or how to start, but we do it anyways.  By limiting ourselves to one map, the challenge will force FOCUS.  Something a new dev desperately needs.  Further, more experienced devs might find the restriction requires them to really stretch those creative muscles to make something interesting.  On to the rules! 


The Rules:

  • ​Must use 1 map (no size limit). This map will be one of the major judging points and can not just be a repository for events (Looking at you VN creators).
  • ​Must be a new project started and finished within the time scope of the project.
  • Number of devs on 1 project is limited to 1.  Not to say you can't get advice/critques from other people before turn in day.)
  • All resources, plugins etc used in the project must respect terms of use, but you may use anything you can pull together. 
  • ​I'll be posting this contest in number of locales; however, it will be managed from this forum.  You must be a member of RMC to participate.

​The Timing:

  • ​​January 24th, contest first posted;  Updates and changes to the parameters expected until contest start date.
  • ​January 29th, 12AM GMT: Contest starts.
  • ​February 11th, 1130PM GMT: Contest Ends.  All games must be linked and shared on this thread by this time.
  • ​February 25th, Judging will finalized and results posted here. 

​The Judging:

​​I'll be judging. Obviously it will mostly be my personal subjectivity - but I'll try to keep it as objective as possible.  I will play the game for up to 1 hour, or until a game crashing bug.

There will be a total of 60 points. 

  • ​Use of Map (20 points) - creativity, design, completion
  • ​Thematic elements (10 points) - ​How unique was your vision?, How cohesive were the game elements in relation to the theme of the game?
  • ​​Execution (15 points)​ - Bugs, spelling/grammar, game balance
  • ​Overall fun (15 points) - how driven was I to finish your game
  • ​Single tier bonus points (​up to 10 total) - Art, music, eventing, etc - did any of these one elements stand out and if so bonus points.  This can't take your score over 60.


The Prizes:
​I'd like to have more prizes; however am limited by own resources.  I have a couple of people who said they'd donate to the cause.  If you want to help out, PM me and let me know.
Officially, the winners and prizes will be rewarded as follows. 
​There will be 5 winners total; Only one unique winner per category. 
  • ​All top prizes will be shown on my stream separate from my judging.  (​Don't get too excited, my stream has a pretty low audience.)
  • Overall (wins $20.00 worth of RPG Maker resources of their choice) - ​Grand Prize winner with the highest objective score
  • ​Honorable Runner up ($10.00 worth of RPG Maker resources of their choice) - ​ Second place winner with the second highest score
  • Best Map ​- (Choose one of the following game keys) best looking, best used map (art and eventing major considerations)
  • ​Best Story - (Choose one of the following game keys) goes to the most moving or creative story.
  • Best Art -​ (Choose one of the following game keys) the standout for non-map art of the game, (battlers, character design, icons, etc)

Game Keys

  • Lost Planet 3 - Complete Pack
  • Resident Evil Revelations
  • Resident Evil Revelations 2 - Episode 1: Penal Colony
  • Resident Evil 4
  • DMC: Devil May Cry
  • DMC: Devil May Cry: Vergils Downfall DLC
  • Devil may Cry 4: Special Edition
  • Crazy Plant Shop
  • Ludwig
  • Sokobon
  • Type:Rider:
  • Lilly Looking Through
  • Galcon Legends

​Can I enter after the start time?
Absolutely!  As long as you start and finish your game within the parameters, your entry will be allowed.  Please leave a comment here so we have an idea how big this has gotten!  More exciting that way!

​Does the battle screen count as a map?
No, the combat screen DOES NOT count as an additional map as that is a traditional aspect of JRPG and RPG Maker. 


​This contest brought to you buy Fusegu Productions and Gamers Incoming - if the mods will allow it here are the links.


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I'll tentatively sign-up too but I may be too embarrassed by the finished product to enter :blush:.

I've had an idea for a project that would only take place on one map for a while but its really narrative-driven which isn't my forte. Perhaps some people will find the concept cool at least.

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I am pretty busy lately, but! I like making outdoorsy maps and I need some hobby project to do.

I'll hopefully get a new computer a few days after the contest starts, so I should be able to do something in time!


So yeah, I'll take part ;)


Good luck to all the other contestants! :lol:

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Sounds like fun! Count me in :)

Usually my projects are too ambitious, though. I have no idea what I could do with just one map. -_-

Like Seriel said, good luck everyone!

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SOOOO Just in case you were wondering the contest did officially start on time!  Ganbatte nye!

​And all participants were directed here, so hopefully RMC will gain a couple of extra members as well.

​Also had a FAQ I'll add to first post:  No the combat screen DOES NOT count as an additional map as that is a traditional aspect of JRPG and RPG Maker. 

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Guess i'm the first one done.

I spent around 16 hours on it, I could've spent longer, but i feel it's ready in it's current state.

Alot of the assets where from uncompleted projects, and scrapped projects that i had laying around, I hope that's alright.

It's about a newly built robot warrior going through trails to prove its worth.

The RTP of the realistic things and people, and the simplistic style of the machinery and robots are suppose to contrast.




Image of the map

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Just over 48 hours left. We have 2 official submissions.  I've spoken to several other people who seem like they'll be done on time.  Who will win!?!?!  Only time will tell.  I hope you find the map to your victory~!

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