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FP: Effect Extend

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FP: Effect Extend

Author: Tsukihime




Effects are applied when you use a skill or item.

There are a variety of possible effects, but in the end they are still limited.


This script aims to expand the amount of effects you can have.



  • Change the value of a switch (true/false)
  • Change the value of a variable

You can combine this with Conditional Effects as well, which allows you to specify conditions that must be met before an effect is activated. Conditional Effects must be placed BELOW this script.




The basic effects are setting switches and setting variables.




To set a switch, tag your skill/item with


<fp:ee s[2] true>
<fp:ee s[235] false>


Note that it is actually a formula, and the keyword "s" is used to refer to other switches, so you can say something like


<fp:ee s[1] !s[1]>


If you want to negate the value of the specified switch.

You should avoid using anything that doesn't evaluate to true/false.


To set a variable, use


<fp:ee v[n] [formula]>


Where n is the variable number and the formula can be pretty much anything you want as long as it's valid.


If you need to refer to other variables, use the keyword "v"

For example, to double the value of variable 1, you would say


<fp:ee v[1] v[1]*2>






Script: http://db.tt/aiA9kbxn




Request for more effects are welcome.

Edited by Tsukihime

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Allow skills to set variables and switches when learned.

This way we can have passive skills, which augment other skills,that include variables in their damage formulas.


FIreball's damage formula could be

a.mat * (1 + v[1] / 100)


and a passive skill would assign the variable 1 the value 20, when learned, so that Fireball damage would be increased by 20%.



Edited by rofl1337

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Skill learning is not really an effect though.

Effects are things that occur when a skill/item is used.


btw damage formulas already use variables.

Edited by Tsukihime

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I know that they already use variables. That's why I suggested this feature.

Setting variable values when learning a skill might fit your Passive Effects script better, though.

Skills that augmented other spells were called Passive Skills in Diablo, which did just that, after all.


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