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Lighting Script (Suggestions for a good one).

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Hi all,


Not sure I'm posting this in the correct place, so apologies in advance if I've got this wrong. I'm looking for a decent lighting script to darken up the caves in my game. The idea is that the player will find a lantern item that will be filled with fuel to keep these caves navigable.



I've tried Khas's awesome lights script, but unfortunately it seems to lag when I make the lantern on the player character anywhere near large enough to make it useful. The dynamic shadows also ran into some problems with some objects. Shame really as this would have been the preferred script.


I also tried Victors lighting script, but unfortunately the comment box commands are unable to trigger in my project. Probably a conflict with KMS minimap which uses the comment box calls as well.


Does anyone know of any alternatives that are worth trying. Has anyone also tried Khas ultra lights? If so, is there still lag when using large light effects?


Many thanks for any help offered!

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