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Name; Star Trek: Genesis.

I am trying to make a horror themed game based around the episode of The Next Generation titled Genesis where the crew is de-evolved into various creatures by a virus.

Genre: I am attempting a Survival horror game in the vein of classic Resident Evil or Silent Hill, with Elements of Resident Evil 3 as I want there to be a constant pursuer that comes after the player.

Game Progression:.05% I am ironing out artwork and tilesets as well as sprite work.

Recruitment: I would like someone to help me with sprite work, namely character and enemy sprites. For the character, I want three based tile sets. Unarmed, armed with a hand phaser, and armed with a phaser rifle.

Also someone to help with Music Composition.

No Demo as of yet

The game follows Lt Commander Alexandria Ross of the USS Baker, an Intrepid Class vessel sent in to investigate the emergence of the USS Hood, a Constitution Class vessel brought out of mothballs and refit with new technology (Positronic systems, Isolinear circuits....replicators) to buff the fleet during the Dominion War. They find the Hood adrift with low power. Ross is sent in via shuttle due to a radiation leak preventing transport. On board she finds monsters trying to attack her and they destroy the shuttle preventing her escape.

Her first goal is to restart the ships warp core to restore power, and restart the ship's computer to discover what happened.

Over the course of the game, she encounters a powerful entity that pursues her relentlessly that seems much more intelligent than the rest of the "monsters." In restarting the ship's computer, she over time learns that the Chief Medical Officer, Officer Carmichael did some research on the Intron Virus, first encountered by the crew of the Enterprise-D, called Barclay's Protomorphosis Syndrome.

Doctor Carmichael did experiments on the virus to control it and administer it to a Vulcan doctor named T'Sir, his mentor from his days at the academy. T'Sir had come down with Bendii Syndrome, a condition that causes Vulcans to lose mental control of their emotions. Carmichael theorized that ancient Vulcans had stronger mental capabilities as they were used for controlling weapons, so he attempted to activate several dormant genes in T'Sir to help him regain lost mental functions. The virus mutated and infected the ship, and the ship was adrift ever since.

Ross can't defeat the creature T'Sir had become and his mental capabilities became so great that he could kill Ross with a wave of a hand. So Ross decides to set the warp core to breach by overloading the coolant lines and escape the ship via escape pod in hopes the Baker detects her and beams her out quickly before the exploding USS Hood kills her.

Lt Commander Alexandria Ross; Security Chief of the USS Baker, former member of Red Squad in Starfleet Academy. Sent in to investigate why the USS Hood disappeared and was adrift. Sent out alone, Away Team killed on the shuttle when Ross restored main power.

Captain Sean Wei; Captain of the USS Baker.

Chief Medical Officer Carmichael; Medical Officer of the USS Hood. Only known of though his logs. Was recruited into the medical program by T'Sir at Starfleet Academy.

Captain Albert Miller; Captain of the USS Hood. Status; unknown.

T'Sir; Former Medical Officer for the Vulcan Science Academy and later Starfleet (Retired from Service). At 210 Years of age, he developed Bendii Syndrome. As a result of the Intron Virus, his mental capabilities have increased several fold and has the abilities of the Ancient Vulcan people. He can stop your heart just by looking at you if he wishes. Attempts to negotiate are not recommended.

Unknown Klingon Officer; Mutated by the Intron Virus, this Prehistoric Klingon wants nothing more than to kill you in the worst way possible, or does he see you as a mate? The main pursuer until T'Sir kills him.

Based on Star Trek, Created by Gene Roddenberry.
Based around Star Trek: TNG episode; Genesis, written by Brannon Braga.

In the way of screenshots, all I can do is show my tilesets if necessary and partial maps. I also have some plans on graph paper, rudimentary maps so to speak.

Wanted features
-A Pursuer character much like Nemesis on Resident Evil 3.

-Limited Ammo and resources
  -Ammo is in the form of power cells, which can also be used to power a replicator to get a health fill up..but there are a limited number of power cells...so food or energy for your phaser? Hand Phaser gets 30 shots with one cell, the Rifle gets 12 shots but they are 3x as powerful.

-Basic Cut-scenes

  -3D or in game graphics?


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Please include at least three screenshots and a credits section (if you haven't used anyone else's resources/scripts then use the credits section to state that it is all original work).

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